Breakfast Conversation

The other week I found a good deal on Special K cereal, and the kids like the berry flavor so I bought a bunch of boxes. Their new granola is pretty tasty too. I am discovering the disadvantage of Special K packaging with children who can read:

"Mom, why does it say 'get swimsuit ready' on the cereal box?"

"Um, well, some people want to get skinnier so their swimming suits fit better."

"And it says that you can lose inches off your waist in weeks. Why would you want to do that?"

"Some people want to get healthier, I guess."

"Mom, I think your swimming suit looks just right! You don't have to worry about that."

I'm grateful my children don't notice that I have a rather bulgy tummy sticking out of the top of my pants. I really do need to start exercising again because I feel uncomfortable and flabby, but I'm glad my kids are a little weirded out by the idea of dieting. They don't need to do that and I hope it will be a long time before they think they do.


Desmama said…
I'm realizing those same small curiosities that come from kids who can read. I'm just waiting for the time when they ask about that "itsy-bitsy" billboard in Weber County that I loathe. Maybe it's gone now. I hope.
Kristeee said…
Where did you find the cereal on sale? I love that stuff.

When we first moved to Utah, I was 16 and self-conscious of my "fuller figure" - I was 5'4" and probably 130-5, which sounds pretty fabulous now! But my next-door neighbor's 13-14 year-old son had a major crush on me. He told his mom that he liked girls who looked like their legs could actually support them, instead of being twigs. Hehe.
FoxyJ said…

The cereal has been on sale at Target for $2.50 a box. Not a great price, but I had a few coupons for $1.50 off three boxes (look on Target's website for coupons you can print), plus the sale includes the fact that if you buy 4 boxes you get a 5th box for free. So I got 10 boxes of cereal for about 12 dollars, I think. There are also sometimes Kellogs cereal coupons on to print off. I'm not sure how long the Target sale is lasting.
How sweet. I'm really starting to hate to take my 8 year old to the grocery store. I'm all about the "family friendly" aisle these days.
skyeJ said…
Learn 'em young!! I think the best thing you can do for your kids about body image is model it for them. I can NEVER remember my mother talking about her weight or any of our weights as a kid. It wasn't an issue. I think this was editing on her part, because now as adults I realize that my mom is a human, and does think about weight and body issues. She just never brought it up with us until we were adults.

I like the idea of putting it in a "feeling good and strong" context.

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