Five Years, A New Look, and a Giveaway

This month marks five years since I started this blog. I was going to write a post with some musings about blogging, but I've already written quite a bit about my history with blogging and don't feel like rehashing it. Plus it's late and I really should be in bed (story of my life). Five years is a long time; it feels like a lifetime. I now have two more kids, a master's degree, a house, and have lived in two different states since starting the blog. Amazingly many of my friends and readers who have been here since the beginning are still following along (I think) and I've gained new ones along the way.

About two years ago I tried to change things around and didn't get anywhere. So the blog has been kind of ugly for two years. Thankfully Blogger just made it easier to make changes to your template so I prettied it up a bit. I'm still not totally satisfied so I'll probably tweak things a bit.

And finally I wanted to give back to my readers by giving them a gift. No, it's not a version of this blog in book form. I don't have any writing of my own to give away. But I will give away a copy of the FOB Bible, since FOB began meeting in my living room long before this blog even came into being. I'm not an official member, but I'm definitely the original FOB and I have supported much of the writing in the book through donations of baked goods. Seriously, I love the book and the people who wrote it. Many of them began blogging at the same time I did and I count them among my dearest friends. If you already have a copy of the book, go ahead and enter and we can negotiate an alternate prize. (Cookies?) Just leave me a comment telling me how you found my blog, why you like it, why you hate it, what you want me to talk about or not talk about--whatever you want. The giveaway will end Sunday night.


Matt said…
I found your blog through a moderately long chain of blogs--AtP to Samantha to Edgy to Mr. Fob to you. You probably don't remember, but I met you once, at a picnic in Kiwanis park.

I enjoy your reading roundups and your posts about learning about the countries of the world.

I skim/skip your posts on childrearing.

I wish you would be more in-depth with your reviews.

That about covers it, right?
SeƱora H-B said…
I think I've been around since the beginning, or pretty close. I think maybe I found you through theric (?), but I had a class with you WAY back in the day @ the BY. Crazy to think it's been 5 years!

I like your posts about kids, even though I don't have any of my own. I don't always read your reviews thoroughly (usually just check to see if I've seen or ead anything), but they're still interesting. I'm always excited to see a new foxyj post in my feed.

Happy blogiversary!
Jenny said…
My sister told me about your blog before you were pregnant with your second baby.

I think your book reviews are my fav.
skyeJ said…
I've been with you for the past thirty, almost thirty-one years. Beat that, internet suckas!!! :) (I think Mom has me beat, however.)

I like ALL the posts. I really enjoy the book reviews and all the stuff about the kids.
Desmama said…
I really like all your posts, too. The ones about kids are great because I can relate, but the book reviews are good too and just the general ones are nice because, well, they make me think (in a good way).

I really don't remember precisely how I found your blog. Somehow mixed up with Jenny and Miss Nemesis and that whole group.
I think I found you through FMH. I don't remember.
I'm not sure if I found you through LS or Th., but one of them. While I like reading your regular posts, the post of yours I'm probably most grateful for was one that had 5 or so of your favorite (meatless?) dishes. I use that easy beans and rice recipe ALL THE TIME. It is one of my fall backs now, so thanks. =)
Earth Sign Mama said…
Well, I've been a fan of your writing since that first publication of the "Family News" in 1985. So, I was excited to read your take on life now.

Favs: recipes, book/movie reviews, nostalgic ramblings, motherhood stories, rants, etc.

I do miss the awesome illustrations you generated in your early publications, however.
Earth Sign Mama said…
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