Sometimes things work, sometimes they don't

This morning P. Bibby was really crazy in sacrament meeting. She wasn't loud, but she didn't want me to hold her and she didn't want to play on the floor; there was a whole lot of wiggly craziness going on. Lately I've been trying a new trick of skipping Sunday School to sit with her in the mothers' lounge in hopes that she'll fall asleep. It didn't work out last week, but I thought I'd still give it a try. Thankfully today she conked out after just a few minutes of rocking and we were able to have some nice quiet time before Relief Society. I actually like our Sunday School teachers, but having to deal with a baby for three hours of church in class just is not working for me. I'm trying to sort through my feelings about just leaving her home to nap until she is old enough for nursery. I'm not sure yet what the best decision is. We have plenty of wonderful sisters who love to hold her during Relief Society when I play the piano, but three hours of church is kind of exhausting for both of us and it will only get worse when we switch to afternoons in January.

Then this evening we thought we'd have a fun fall excursion with Mr. Fob's mother. She can't drive, so we offered to take her and Mr. Fob's grandmother (who is living with my mother-in-law) for a little drive to see fall leaves. First of all, we got started a bit later than we had planned. Then, when we put the baby in the car she started screaming. Sometimes she does that initially but then calms down after the car gets going. This time she didn't. She screamed for most of the hour-and-a-half that we were in the car. At one point she stopped because we realized that we had a bottle in our bag, and we found a church and ran in to fill the bottle up with water from the drinking fountain so we could make her some formula, but once the bottle ran out she was mad again. I'm still not sure what she was mad about, but it turned a possibly pleasant drive into a major stress-fest. At least the leaves were pretty.


AmyJane said…
Man, church with a baby over six months and under 18 months. Always a dilemma, but even more so for you. I hope you settle on a plan that makes you happy. It would be hardhardhard to do all three hours completely solo. The kids and I come and go from church alone, and I'm pretty much on my own to deal with the baby for the last two hours of church due to Sean's calling, but at least I have a second in command for Sacrament meeting. It's the only part that keeps me sane.
Oh dear. Plantboy should thank you for the "birth control" post. ;)
FoxyJ said…

It's a good thing I don't have pictures of my kids on here :) We do have a blog for the kids, but I'd better not show you that one or you might change your mind... The cuteness can make up for a lot of things. But I will tell you that having a baby again after a few years' break can be a bit of an adjustment.

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