Ten for This Week

This week has been busy and I suddenly realized tonight that I hadn't posted for over a week. Oops. I'm really looking forward to next week's Fall Break when we don't have school for two days. Well, I only get one day off, but S-Boogie gets two. It should be fun.

1. Monday I canned twenty-four quarts of peaches with my sister-in-law (we each kept a dozen). She had never done canning before and so I offered to do it with her. I discovered that canning goes a lot faster when you do it with someone else to help you. Since I had already canned a dozen quarts before, I now have a total of twenty-four quarts of peaches in my basement. I haven't had home bottled peaches for years so I'm looking forward to eating them.

2. S-Boogie has become good friends with a little boy who is in her class at school as well as her class at church. They had two playdates this week and they get along so well. I felt sad when she told me that some other kids were teasing them at school for playing together; that kind of thing makes me really mad and defensive as a parent. I hate it when other kids are lame.

3. This week we also had our first parent-teacher conference with S-Boogie's teacher. I like her a lot; she has been teaching for a few years and seems like a really on-the-ball person. S-Boogie is doing well academically, but has been struggling a little socially with starting second grade. Her birthday is only a few weeks before the start of the school year and so she is younger than most of the kids in her class (she might even be the youngest, I think). Thankfully her teacher realizes that and has been watching out for her.

4. I really like our elementary school. It's small and many of the teachers and staff live in here in the neighborhood; most of the students live nearby too, so it just has a nice feel whenever we go to events there. They got a new principal this year and he has been really great so far too. I am so glad we live close to a good school that generally provides a good environment for my kids and that I'm comfortable visiting too.

5. I've been grading papers (or avoiding them) all week and still have a few more to do tomorrow so I can return them to my students on Monday. I don't really like to do work on Sunday but I didn't do a good job managing my time this week.

6. The weather finally turned cool this week and I've been loving it. We've also had a lot of rain, which is something I've missed for a while.

7. I was hoping to buy a new vacuum cleaner and was prepared to spend some money on a good one, but then I re-balanced my budget and realized that it wouldn't be a good idea until next month. I've developed some bad spending habits lately and so I'm trying hard this month to really live within my means and make better financial decisions. It has been a challenge for me, but a good one because it has forced me to confront some things about myself that I have been in denial about.

8. This morning I had to help with a Relief Society Super Saturday. I'm on the activities committee for Relief Society and I was feeling kind of grumpy about this one because I didn't feel like spending all morning at the church. But it turned out to be a really fun experience and I love getting to know all the different women in the ward.

9. When I got home from my activity today I discovered the Mr. Fob and the kids had spent the morning cleaning up the house. I've been letting things go lately and feeling bothered by it, so I was so happy that they got everything cleaned up and reorganized.

10. Mr. Fob and I have discovered that one of our new favorite foods is sauteed vegetables with balsamic vinegar. We like to mix onion, bell peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms in particular. Just sautee in olive oil and then add some balsamic to it. A few weeks ago we put them on pizza crust with cheese; this week I added some sliced smoked sausage to the mix and we ate it with pasta.


Josh said…
Home-canned peaches are amazing. I haven't had them for years.

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