The Letter N


We read some books about the Netherlands; S-Boogie particularly liked this one. For dinner I made hutspot with smoked sausage. It was really tasty. We also watched the movie Hans Brinker and ate some apple cake that I made from a recipe that I got from a kids' cookbook.

New Zealand

We read books and colored the flag; the kids insisted on reading this book many times and really liked it. We also listened to some music from New Zealand and ate meat pies for dinner. They were really tasty and a big hit with the kids--I cut the meat in half and added some diced potatoes. I don't have little pie dishes so I cooked them in custard cups; they were a bit of work, but a really tasty dinner and something I want to make again. If the kids were a little older I would watch Whale Rider with them, but they aren't quite big enough yet. I also wanted to make pavlova and I just didn't have time that week, so I felt a little sad about it.


Mr. Fob and I liked the food I cooked quite a bit: baked fish, roasted plantain, and some greens stewed with coconut milk and cayenne. The kids weren't really fans, but they liked the music and reading this book.


We ended up having a busy week and didn't really get to read many books for this country; I had checked out this picture book and I thought it looked interesting, but we never read it with the kids. I had trouble finding some Norwegian recipes online, but this pork roast seemed to fit the descriptions I had read so we ate it with some mashed potatoes and a salad. I thought it was pretty tasty. I also made an almond cake but ended up eating a lot of it myself because that was the weekend everyone got a stomach virus.


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