Today I was Awesome

Last night I went to bed late, and then stayed up even later reading. The book wasn't even that good, but it was short-ish and I wanted to finish. When my alarm rang this morning I began to regret the fact that I had once thought getting Bountiful Baskets would be a good idea. However, I decided to get up and get moving. I started by going to pick up my produce. I am more than prepared for Thanksgiving next week.

After I got home from picking up the produce I almost went back to bed. It's Saturday and the kids were at their dad's house until this afternoon. But I had made plans and I wanted to stick with them. I spent the morning cooking up a bunch of food to put in the freezer; I made chicken and wild rice soup; butternut squash soup; meatballs; and calico beans. It doesn't sound like a lot, but I only get to cook about half the days of the week and I have a few other things in the freezer. I took a break in the middle to run to Target for some groceries. Now I don't have to figure out what's for dinner or stress about cooking it for an entire month.

While I was at Target I picked up a new windshield wiper for my car. Then I came home and installed it myself. Go me. My car also had the 'tire pressure' light on, so when I went to Costco this afternoon I stopped by the tire center to see if I could get some help with figuring out the problem. The super nice guy working there showed me how to use their cool air pump that has a built-in digital pressure gauge. I checked all four tires and filled them up. I felt so awesome doing it. I love Costco.

After I ran errands and cooked all day, I picked up the kids and took them to their cousin's birthday party tonight. Surprisingly, P-Bibby was the one who enjoyed it the most. A crowded bowling alley and a bunch of hyper 9 and 10 year old boys were kind of intimidating to the other two. P-Bibby danced to the music, ate an entire slice of pizza, a million grapes, and a whole cupcake. She thought it was awesome. I thought that I was an awesome mom because I did not have a nervous breakdown.

Now I'm going to be awesome by putting myself to bed on time. Maybe I'll get up and make pancakes so I can keep my awesome streak going.


Evelyn Theresa said…
Go you! You are definitely awesome.
Kristi said…
Good job! I love it when days come together like that. I think you get extra points for not going back to bed with the snow this morning.
Earth Sign Mama said…
GO AWESOME!!! Nervous breakdowns are overrated...just go with the flow.
Desmama said…
Yeah, you get bonus points for not going back to bed. I probably would have. I'm really impressed with your productivity. I'm impressed with ANYONE'S productivity these days, because mine seems to be nonexistent. ;)
Hurray for awesomeness!

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