Tonight's Brain Dump

I have been forcing myself to get more sleep for the past few nights and I'm feeling a lot better. I also realized yesterday why I was in such a bad mood for the few days before that. This kind of thing happens once a month, and has for the last 20 years, so you'd think I'd figure it out by now.

We have a copy of this book on the new book display, and every time I look at it I feel a little thrill. That guy's tight pants are sexy! I'm beginning to understand why people sometimes go a little crazy after a relationship ends. It's been nearly a year without any physical affection in my life and I definitely miss it. Not that I'm planning on going out and doing anything stupid, but it is a bit tempting. (And no, I'm not going to read the book. It's probably not as exciting as the cover)

On a somewhat related note, one disadvantage of living in a college town is that many of the cute guys around here are a lot younger than me. I don't feel that old, but sometimes I'll realize that the hot guy I just noticed is only about 22 or 23, and then I feel lame. Yikes.

Um, moving on to another topic. My new favorite treat is maple-flavored yogurt from Brown Cow. Cream-top yogurt is probably not the healthiest treat in the world, but it's better than candy, right? Brown Cow also makes a really tasty chocolate flavor that is good for satisfying cravings.

Remember how I talked about buying art if I won money on Jeopardy? I didn't win that much money, but I realized today that I could still buy myself a painting. I just might do that. I still haven't figured out what I want to do with my money. I know that it would be best to do something practical, like make a big payment on my student loan, but I'd rather just do something fun. I don't know what yet. I've thought of getting a nicer digital camera, a new bike, a playground for the kids in the backyard, decent bookshelves for the basement, and even laser hair removal for my face so I don't have a mustache anymore. So many possibilities!

I think I'm over-tired and I should go to bed.


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