Primary Slaps Me Up the Side of the Head

On Friday morning I experienced another run-in with one of the Annoying People at Work. I know all of us have had to work with at least one Annoying Person. They are varied in their presentation, but generally make life difficult. This person complains and makes the atmosphere negative, no matter what we try to do. After dealing with this person I went back to my desk and began to complain to two of my coworkers. While I was in the middle of my little diatribe, the Annoying Person came walking by and we immediately stopped talking. Of course Annoying Person noticed and said something, and of course I felt really bad because I was acting like a petty little junior high student instead of a professional.

Then yesterday in Primary we began learning the song "If the Savior Stood Beside Me". And I had to sing the line "If the Savior stood beside me, would I say the things I say?" about twenty times in a row. I felt bad. Because it's true--this person is difficult and annoying. That's probably not going to change, no matter how much I complain behind their back or say mean things about them. Heck, I'm probably the Annoying Person to a few people I work with and I'm not sure I want them complaining about me. If I start being more careful about what I say and more kind in what I do, I can avoid being an Annoying Person and I can feel good about myself. Because I'm tired of feeling like I work in junior high and the only person who I can influence to change that atmosphere is me.


Primary is so great. Since working in there the last 18 months I've re-discovered that singing is the best, most fundamental way to worship, and the fastest way to invite the Spirit. Regular church is going to be a major let down after this.

Isn't that song delightful?
Earth Sign Mama said…
I love that song. I needed to read this because I sit at the piano each Sunday, groaning silently at the really bad teaching that goes on by our dear, dear, well meaning, but not very good at crowd control or delivery presidency. So, I decided to just go over and sit by a few of the really rowdy people last Sunday and it helped a little. Sigh. Singing time is totally terrific, because it truly gets the children involved spiritually.
BurkeAndEmily said…
Thanks for writing this. I love it. Actually, would you mind if I shared it with our primary teachers next Sunday?
FoxyJ said…
Share away--that's just fine with me!
rantipoler said…
I've been in Primary for the last five years in different capacities, and this is exactly why I love it. I get more out of the simple, basic truths than from any in-depth discussion about complex doctrine.

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