Another Sunday Night

Today was a good Sunday; last week we switched to morning church again after a year of afternoons. The later schedule was nice in some ways, especially since every other week I had a morning off without kids. Even with that little 'perk' I still didn't like it very much. So far the last two weeks have gone well and we've gotten there right on time and with a lot less stress than we did at 1:00. When we have church first thing I feel a lot less stressed out because we haven't had all morning to deal with before we go. It's easier to just wake up, get ready, and head out the door. This morning the kids were with Mr. Fob; I got up and dressed before he dropped them off--then they quickly changed and we got out the door. Sacrament meeting was uneventful and Primary went well. P. Bibby has been a Sunbeam for two weeks now and really loves it. It helps that she's the oldest in the class and does preschool with several of the other kids so she knows them well already. I love being in Primary with my kids each week and watching them as they learn and grow. I'm the secretary so the last few weeks have been stressful and busy with new class assignments, manuals, rolls, and all the other things that have to happen at the beginning of the year. This week was the first in a while where things just went the way they were supposed to and were finally settled into a new routine.

After church we had a nice quiet afternoon. S-Boogie read a book, P. Bibby actually feel asleep and took a nap, and Little Dude spent several hours creating with cardboard boxes and paper. I made some taco soup in the crockpot and the kids devoured it for dinner (they even happily ate the veggies and dip I served with it and I finally convinced S-Boogie and P. Bibby that red peppers are sweet and delicious). We had a family home evening based on Sister Linda Burton's conference talk about covenants and then ate Peppermint Jo-Jos for a treat. As much as I did like my mornings off last year, I love feeling now like I have all day Sunday to just spend time with the kids and really focus on family. When I have them on Saturdays we often have errands and other things going on. I'm sure that not every Sunday will be this idyllic, but this one was and I'm going to be grateful for it. And, as much as I miss having babies, I'm enjoying having older kids quite a lot lately. Yes, P-Bibby is not quite 4, but she's not a baby anymore as she constantly reminds us. 

The rest of this week was pretty uneventful. Friday was one of those days where everything seems to go badly, ranging from a difficult morning with a grumpy Little Dude to an awkward encounter with someone at work and culminating in a stinky house because S-Boogie forgot about a tortilla she was trying to cook for an after-school snack and nearly set the kitchen on fire. I guess the good thing is that this was only one day out of the week and the rest of the time was fine. I have one more week before classes start up again so I hope it's a good one.


The Weed said…
That sounds like such a nice, relaxing, wonderful Sunday. I hope this year is full of them. (We have 1:00 church now--I thought I would hate it, but it's actually been quite nice so far.)

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