Mental Health Day

I took the day off work today--I've had a few sick days saved up for a while and thought it would be good to use one. I had planned on taking the afternoon off, since I had a phone appointment with the counseling center at noon and the kids had their back-to-school thing this afternoon (it used to be back-to-school night, but now for some reason it's in the afternoon). Then when I got up this morning, I just didn't feel like going in to work for only a few hours. So I got dressed and went to the temple instead; it was nice to be there and I felt good afterwards. Then I came home and had my phone appointment with the counseling center on campus--they will call in a few weeks and set up an appointment with me. I get to be some grad student's project for the semester, but at least it is cheap and easy to get to since it is on campus. I think things will be OK--I'm also going to work on getting more sleep and taking better care of myself too.

This afternoon I had a few free hours while the kids were busy, so I cleaned the house and finished reading a book I started last night. I also had another book that I started on Saturday night and finished Sunday evening. I realized a few months ago that I tend to read instead of doing pretty much anything else, including exercising, sleeping, and cleaning my house. I think it is time to cut back a little. But then last week I had four library holds come in at once, and I have a week until my new semester starts, so I'm letting myself have one more binge. Then I'm going to start making a list of interesting books to read sometime rather than putting them on hold at the library right away. I can handle it; I didn't read 'fun' stuff for quite a while when I was in school before. I've gotten a glimpse at next semester's classes and it's going to be a busy few months. 

The kids are all starting school tomorrow--P.Bibby is the most excited and has been counting down for weeks. I hope she has a good time at her new preschool and that it is a positive experience for her. She's the one I'm most worried about, just because the whole experience is so new. Little Dude and S-Boogie are excited to get back to school too; it was weird to me to visit S-Boogie's class and realize that I recognize most of the other kids and that she has gone to the same school for first through sixth grades. That was not my elementary experience at all (I went to three different schools). I think we will all be glad to get back into a good routine again. 

And something funny to end--tonight when we were trying to say family prayer I was a bit annoyed because it was late since Little Dude had been stubborn about getting in the shower. I was grumpy and trying to get everyone to be reverent when P.Bibby suddenly curled her hands up in front of her and started stumbling around saying "I'm a zombie!" It was so funny--I've never seen her do that before! We all just burst out laughing, and it was probably irreverent but Little Dude wondered what zombie family prayer would be like ("we are thankful for these brains, please bless them to nourish us"). Nothing like a good laugh to get everyone relaxed and happy again, even if we were a bit late to bed.


The Weed said…
Mental health days are the best! I haven't been able to take many since becoming a therapist (ironically) because, well, if I'm not there, I make zero dollars :-( Good for you for taking care of yourself.

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