Animals and Gender

One of our favorite books lately is Duck on a Bike by David Shannon. In the book, Duck rides his bike past all his friends on the farm and invites them to come for a ride. What I found interesting the first time I read is that so often the gender assigned to each animal seemed to "feel right" to me. When I was discussing this with Mr. Fob, he actually agreed with many of my assessments. Obviously some animal names come with a gender, like rooster or cow, but many other animals seem to be more often portrayed as one way or another. Rather than reveal what my thoughts were, I thought I'd take a little survey and see what you think:


Earth Sign Mama said…
Okay, that's just weird...but one thing about my answers is that all the sheep I ever personally knew were female, because my dad would just rent the males for the day or two he needed them for the ewes. Most of our cats were female too, constantly having babies. But, goats, too, are mostly female in my head because the reason you have them is for the milk. Hmmm...interesting concept. I wonder if people think of vehicles as male and female?
Michemily said…
I'm ready for a quiz about which numbers are male and female and which colors are male and female and which are good and bad in both categories. :)
Edgy said…
I must confess that as a young child, I always thought that dogs (boys) and cats (girls) got married. If the baby was a boy, then it turned out to be a dog. If the baby was a girl, then it turned out to be a cat.

Ditto for horses (boys) and cows (girls).
Desmama said…
I wonder how many of my answers were influenced by our recent spree of viewing Charlotte's Web 1.9 million times.
amyjane said…
Huh...who wouldv'e thunk it? That's really interesting!

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