Our New Addition

No, I am not pregnant (though having your baby turn two will inevitably induce some newborn hunger). We have a new family member; you might think it's just a car, but since Mr. Fob took a number of pictures of it and put it on his desktop, I think our relationship with this new guy is on a higher level. I know I blogged a few weeks ago about my desire for a new vehicle, but at the time I really didn't think we were going to be buying something new any time soon. However, Mr. Fob and I got to talking and realized that it was probably time to upgrade. After a few test drives and a whole lot of time spent comparing every possible aspect of our favorite vehicles, we settled on the Kia Rondo. We got a good price for it, it has more cargo space and the option to seat more people, and the mileage is not any worse than our old car. Best of all: it has power windows and remote entry. Hopefully we'll be happy with it for many more years to come.


Erka said…
Congrats on the new car! It's beautiful! That is be the ideal car in my opinion! If we could ever sell our Mazda, the KIA Rondo would be my first choice for a new car! Enjoy it, you guys!
Mr. Fob said…
So the Foxmobile is a he then?
Tina said…
Congratulations!! I must say remote entry is my favorite part of our new van. You will love it.
Julie said…
Pictures on his desktop. Very funny! Enjoy the new car!
Hee. Hee. You said new car and I saw the cake picture below. I checked Mr. Fob's post however, and am grateful to see that you haven't turned into a gingerbread family.
Desmama said…
'Twas the weekend for new cars, apparently. We got one too. TinyDes has learned another phrase--"new car!" It's funny.

Also, DesTot loves the picture of the bus cake and keeps asking to see it. I can sense I might need to learn how to make it . . . :)

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