This afternoon I was in Costco heading for the checkout when I rounded a corner and saw a large display of this lotion in front of me. A few years ago my dad brought back some Ahava products for me from Israel when he went on a business trip. I loved them, but after doing some research discovered that they are somewhat expensive and harder to get in the US. So I haven't used it since, but I do occasionally think about how nice it felt and smelled. Costco has a 14 ounce bottle (I think) for only fourteen dollars, which really is a great deal, but it still isn't the best price for lotion. My usual lotion is quite a bit cheaper than that. Plus I just bought a giant bottle of some other lotion at Costco two weeks ago. I haven't opened that lotion yet, so now I'm seriously considering taking it back and spending the money on some luxury for myself. I don't always have to go for the lowest price or the best deal, right?


Kristeee said…
Nope. It's nice to splurge on yourself and feel a little luxurious in some way. And, with Costco's excellent return policy, you can take your old lotion back, used or not, and put that money towards the good stuff.
Samantha said…
I'm guessing every time you use the lotion from the cheap giant bottle, you'll congratulate yourself for your frugality, and wish you were using the nice stuff.

I say take it back and buy the other lotion. It will last at least a month--that's not too long to enjoy something nice for yourself.

(Talk about weird word verifications: mine is "unbrozy". I wonder how Ambrosia would feel about that.)
Mr. Fob said…
I imagine she'd feel pretty unbrozy about it. I know I do.

WV wants me to disormet, but I didn't ormet in the first place!
Desmama said…
Indulge. Take back the first stuff and enjoy the nice stuff. You can use it sparingly, right? And then it'll last longer anyway.
Th. said…

Do it.
Desi said…
Absolutely not...do it.
Why did you have to post this? I'm headed to Costco next week and I'm a sucka' for lotion. And DON'T take back the first stuff--you don't want hubby and kids anywhere near the good stuff. They can't possibly encohins what it means to you.
Mr. Fob said…
I certainly could encohins what it means to her.

That is, if I had any idea what "encohins" means.
cool_guy said…
Yes - get the good stuff... It's made from Dead Sea minerals - not sure if they are better than other minerals but you never know.

After all, it's the only lotion I use; and you know how good I look!!!

(Chuckle now...)
skyeJ said…
That's right. Use the Dead Sea minerals. Then when the dead get mad about it they'll just come to GET YOU. And we all know how that ends. Lots of dancing and a red leather jacket.
Mr. Fob said…
It'll be thrilling!

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