Out with the old

I've always liked the new year; to me, January usually feels like Lent in comparison to the orgy of consumption that is December. This morning we thoroughly cleaned the house (thankfully Little Dude's exploding diaper happened before we had cleaned the floor or the bathtub), and now I feel prepared for the start of a new year and a new quarter at school. S-Boogie is more than ready to get back to school as well; maybe we'll try setting some goals with her now that she's old enough to actually have an opinion. Not sure what would be good goals for her to set or how to motivate her (I'm not a big fan of charts or stuff like that, but maybe we'll try one).

What I really need to decide on is whether or not I need any goals. I wasn't sure I'd made any resolutions last year, but according to this post I did. The physical fitness one went well, I think. Although I didn't lose any weight I did get into a regular exercise routine. I don't get as winded or sore riding my bike or playing with the kids like I used to and my stomach is flatter, so that counts for something. As far as my goal for enhanced spirituality, I don't think that one went as well. I've been making an effort to pray in the mornings to start my day, but I stil haven't managed to find a regular time for scripture study. I've been feeling a craving to have a more regular bedtime routine (right now it usually involves flipping channels until after 11 before sheepishly crawling into bed), so perhaps I will incorporate scripture study into this routine. I also need to take more journal time--it's been sporadic over the last year, but improving slowly.

I want to improve my diet and cut down on the mindless eating of junk food. I signed us up for another produce delivery service, so we'll be getting fresh organic produce once a week. That should encourage the eating of vegetables and hopefully discourage me from eating too much cheese. Unfortunately I'm the only one in the family that isn't underweight so I need to have self-control not to eat like them.

So I guess my goals are to get more sleep and eat more vegetables. That's kind of boring. On another blog someone mentioned that they'd made a goal to have more parties last year. I like that. We actually do have a decent amount of parties, but I'm going to make a goal to have more fun with my kids. More making cupcakes, doing puzzles, and stuff like that. We'll see what's harder: having fun or eating vegetables.


cool_guy said…
You can't go wrong getting more sleep or eating more vegetables....
Melyngoch said…
If you only you could think of a way to have fun while eating vegetables . . .

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