Why are beans funny?

Does anyone else think that beans are funny? Maybe it's because my dad always sang the "musical fruit" song whenever we'd eat them. As I've mentioned on here before, I like beans. We're transitioning to mostly meatless and have been eating more and more of them lately. Tonight I got to do an online survey all about bean consumption and for some reason it seemed really funny to me. I also laughed because apparently I cannot have eaten beans more than 150 times during the last twelve month period; they need to change their survey to accommodate the vegetarians out there. I liked the questions that asked things like "was your use of beans in this recipe spontaneous or planned in advance?" If you know me, you know I clicked on "planned in advance."

Also, the eating more vegetables goal and the local produce delivery thing are working very well. Except that tonight Little Dude proclaimed authoritatively "toddlers don't eat chard." We did finally convince him to try the kiwis and so he is branching out on fruits, but holds firm on refusing all vegetables.

Oh, and if anyone out there would like to do online surveys please send me an email and I can recommend you to the company. I've been doing it for a few years, and I don't earn a lot of money, but I love sharing my opinions. Plus every now and then they send me things to try and it's usually cool stuff like shampoo and diapers (full size packages!). Last week we did get a box of baby wipes that really sucked, but at least when they do it makes it easier to fill out the survey. Not like this one that wanted to know how many times I ate pinto beans during the last twelve months. That's not exactly something memorable.


Desi said…
I want to know where you get your produce boxes from...we have also started eating more fresh fruits and veggies and it sounds like a fun experiment to just get a box full of it.

Also, the survey thing sounds interesting, I wouldn't mind that info as well.
"Toddlers don't eat chard." How can you force a kid that clever to do ANYTHING? Hilarious.

My kids do love kiwi, but brand matters. If you can find Zespris, they are by far the best.

And beans ARE funny. Have you read Skippyjon Jones?
Kristeee said…
The more you eat...

I find beans funny as well. Then again, I'm still a six-year old in some ways.
skyeJ said…
did you spill the beans about eating beans?
Beautiful Mess said…
Beans are funny and so are you! Thank you for the chuckles.
Janssen said…
I'm STM - how can you get more amusing than "Toddlers don't eat chard"?
Foxy--I know you're busy, but I've got a question about your ads. Are you glad you made the decision to do so? I've had over 1000 hits on my blog this month and I'm starting to wonder if advertising might be a good idea and if there is really any actual income generated from it. You are the only blogger I know who has advertising and I'm curious about some feedback before I make the jump to pure mercenary. :)
FoxyJ said…
STM--I've been doing advertising for about a year now, I think, and I've actually rarely gotten any money. I did for the first few months, but then during the last six months or so my stats have seriously dropped. I guess everyone I know uses a reader now because my hits are always very low. I don't think they pay out unless you get a certain amount of money--I guess I should go back and check my agreement, LOL. You're actually the first to mention the ads, so I guess they aren't a problem. The truth is I rarely even look at my blog in person, and apparently no one else does, so I guess they're not a big deal. BlogHer has been very nice, and I do like the fact that posts from my blog show up as part of the network so I do get a bit more traffic that way as well.

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