Spring Break

Did you miss me? I bet you didn't realize I'd gone anywhere, and I didn't really. Just my computer did. Last Wednesday it suddenly started freaking out and acting crazy. We did some investigating on the interent (thank goodness for having two computers) and tried a few things, but nothing worked. It seemed to be a hard drive issue, which is beyond our level of expertise. Thankfully I found a repair guy online who had a lot of positive reviews and took my computer to him on Thursday morning. He called me back right away to tell me that the hard drive was shot. He ordered a new one, installed it, transferred my data and gave me back my computer this morning. The price was pretty reasonable too. It was weird being without my computer this weekend, but at the same time refreshing to have a little break from being so attached to my electronics. It's also disconcerting to get used to my 'new' machine; my documents and pictures were transferred, but none of my bookmarks and internet settings were so I feel kind of lost. Two years of accumulated bookmarks and stuff are just gone. On the one hand I think it's nice to have a fresh start, on the other I feel a little lost. And now I'm going to be even more vigilant about backing up stuff that I want to keep. Thankfully we salvaged my final paper and I turned it in on Wednesday night.

I have the rest of this week free from school and sometimes I don't know what to do with myself. I spent a lot of time moping this weekend, but it was cold and I had PMS. Now I'm determined to use the next few days well. Today I made some French bread and took dinner to a friend in my ward who just had a baby. I also played with the kids and we had a Family Home Evening about using kind words and actions (Mommy and Daddy need to work on this as much as the kids). Mr. Fob and I decided that we didn't want to a job chart thing yet with the kids, but we got out the old marble jars and when we fill up the jar with good deeds we are going to go get a treat together. I also signed up for Sunstone this Saturday and I'm going to have a fun little getaway with a friend--it sounds so fun "Sunstone on Saturday with Skylark". I'd also like to go to the temple some day this week because it's been a while since I last went. I promise I'll get a 'real' post put up soon, now that I have my trusty computer back.


Jenny said…
More info on the filling of the jar with good deeds. I would love to do this next Monday with our kids!

I'm sorry about the losing of the info. You've inspired me to back up my junk.
FoxyJ said…
Jenny--I was looking around and realized I didn't really post anything about it last time we did it (it was a year or so ago). I have two old spaghetti sauce jars and had the kids color faces for each one--one jar is happy and one is sad. The sad jar right now is full of marbles, but if we catch them doing things like using kind words, asking for things politely, following directions, cleaning up, etc., then we put a marble in the 'good' jar. If they're being really obstinate or hitting, etc., I take marbles back out and put them in the 'bad' jar. It's fairly simple and effective--I also try to be somewhat liberal with the 'good' marbles and not take too many away. I've also found that if we do it once or twice, then put it away for a few months before getting it back out again it is more effective because it doesn't get old.
Kailey said…
Welcome back Missy! Your post made me think of when you brought me dinner after I had Gavin. Yummy. Anyway, LOVE the marble/jar idea. I may have to adopt that for my home!!
Th. said…

Hey! I'll see you there. I've never met Skylark.
JenPB said…
I like the good deed marble jar idea. We haven't used that in our family, but maybe we should. THIS year we're striving to do at least one good deed every day, and blog about it in hopes of inspiring OTHERS to be a bit more thoughtful. The girls help me come up with project ideas, but most of the time the deeds are simple, everyday actions we SHOULD do, without reward. (OK...a smile from the recipient is always a nice reward...but beyond THAT!) ;)

So, what's the marble-jar reward? :)
Kristeee said…
I was wondering where you had gone. Glad you're back - although I think it's good occasionally to have a break from the digital world. There's more time to think.
I keep thinking it is time to get new scriptures, but the only reason I can find anything in the set I have is because of the way they are marked. Still, I feel like all of my markings are inhibiting new thoughts. Hm . . . maybe you'll find some new sites to love.
skylark said…
Oh I'm glad you were able to recover your data. When my hard drive fried, it really fried. Didn't even register on the computer store's hard drive recovery system. So I had to rewrite my term paper. But it was ok because i had only written a crappy page or two anyway, and then i ended up getting 8 extra months to finish it. And I got a whole new shiny computer.

I can't wait for our ess-travaganza. Don't forget Slumber party! And, fittingly, my word verification is sesse.

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