....that's an Irish lullaby! And that's the song I've had stuck in my head all day. S-Boogie has been excitedly counting down to Saint Patrick's day for several weeks now. Grandma got her a magazine subscription for Christmas and it came with her very own calendar, so she keeps us informed about all the holidays. It turned out to be a good day. S-Boogie wore her green shamrock shirt and socks that she got last year (I'm glad they still fit) and Mr. Fob was magically delicious. Little Dude wore a green dinosaur shirt and was mostly uninterested in the holiday until dinnertime when he requested a green plate and a green bib. He even ate a few of his green noodles. As you can see, we had some 'green noodles' (the sauce is pretty tasty--it's a combo of pureed spinach and peas with cottage cheese and Parmesan), kiwis, salad, and some "Irish-American Soda Bread" as the Joy of Cooking likes to call it (as they point out, the Irish don't put raisins or sugar in their bread). We topped off the day by watching Darby O'Gill and the Little People, but it really didn't interest the kids very much. S-Boogie had wanted to movie night to today because it was a holiday, but unfortunately I didn't know much about the movie and didn't realize how boring it would be for them. Oh well, next week we'll try something new. And now we get to count down to another holiday. Good thing Easter is right around the corner. It's kind of fun having kids that are getting big enough to enjoy holidays.


That song, C'mon Eileen, was one of the funniest pop-up-video songs I've ever seen. Remember when VH1 actually SHOWED videos?

Your lucky to have so many family traditions. ;)
Desi said…
We watched Darby O'Gill and the little people one year for St. Patrick's Day and now my oldest thinks we need to watch it every year.

By the way, did you get credited for referring us to the Farm Fresh program...I put your name in the referral section, but I'm not sure how it works and wanted to make sure you got credit for it.
FoxyJ said…
Desi--I did get a credit for your referral. Thanks a lot!
Earth Sign Mama said…
And where's the stupid Blarney in the comments coming from??? Spam comments?? I've gotten a couple on my blog, too. Weird.
But I digress...Your green noodles look delicious. And I love holidays. My students are all really into St. Paddy's Day without knowing what it is--they just like the idea of wearing a color or you can pinch people.

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