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How did it get to be Friday already? Well, I guess technically it's not, but still. I thought I was going to have a relaxing week off, but I've somehow managed to find stuff to fill each day with craziness. I've also learned that when I feel bored or stressed I go shopping. I tend to buy food, but that still puts a dent in the budget. Highlights from this week include:

I lost a pair of pants. I have no idea where they are. I know that I wore them on Monday, and I did laundry on Tuesday. But when I went to wear them on Wednesday they were gone. Not in the hamper, not hanging on the clothesline, not in my closet, not in Mr. Fob's closet, not in my dresser, and not in our apartment laundry room. I'm afraid I left them in the dryer and someone decided to adopt them. Which is weird and kind of sad. At least they were old.

The kids have been getting very dirty every day from playing outside at the playground. S-Boogie went to a birthday party at the park on Wednesday afternoon and managed to accumulate layers of blue frosting, wood chips, sand, and lollipop. The weather this week has been awesome, and I think it got close to 80 degrees today. Right now is perfect and it sickens me to think that during the next few months the temperature is going to jump up twenty more degrees. That's just wrong.

I had planned to use my spring break time wisely and go to the temple today, but when I checked my recommend it had expired last month. I also could swear that I just renewed it a year ago, and not two years ago, but I am apparently wrong. Frustrating. Instead this evening we went for a family bike ride to the library and then ate dinner at a park. It was very pleasant, despite the fact that a little girl threw up in the children's section of the library while we were there and while we were at the park S-Boogie suddenly had to go potty. Thankfully she was able to hold it long enough to go home on the bike with daddy. While they were gone Little Dude flew off the end of the slide and plowed face first into a pile of wood chips. He picked himself up, laughed, and refused my offer of a kleenex by saying "I'll just pretend my nose is a tissue."

And I can't believe I let myself stay up this late again. I've got a busy weekend and now I'm going to be exhausted. It's time to stop the self-sabotage and get to bed on time. I think that will be my new goal for the new quarter. We'll see how well that works out.


Samantha said…
My pants (and shirts and skirts) keep ending up in my daughter's room. I keep reminding her that she's three sizes smaller. It's not registering.

And we're very weather jealous--tomorrow will be our first day this week without a blizzard. Time to shovel out. :-)

And speaking of snow, my word verification is: sking. Gotta love Google.
Emily M. said…
That is my goal, always, to get to bed on time, and I hardly ever do it. But if I did, I think it would change my life.
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"At least they were old." But those are the worst kind to lose! old pants have survived each closet culling that sends lesser garments to the Goodwill. Old pants fit just right. Old pants love you.

On the upside, whomever decided to adopt them will find them as temperamental as trying to adopt an old dog. Karma, baby.

And close to 80!!! I'm trying very hard not to hate you right now.
Kristeee said…
Sounds like a nice week. Warm, fun-filled days of playing outside . . . that sounds fabulous. 80's about as hot as I like it, though.
Samantha said… got spammed! :)
FoxyJ said…
Samantha--I've actually been getting spammed for several weeks now, unfortunately. Usually I delete them right away but I was gone all day yesterday. Apparently they come from Bangledesh--I wish I knew how they found my blog so I could make them go away!
Em said…
I'm sorry about the pants...I lost my favorite pair of jeans to pregnancy packing and unpacking. I swear I put them in the box with all the other "I'll wear you when I'm skinny again" stuff...but they disappeared.

I'm impressed with Little Dude's kleenex refusal...I wish mine would. She's a little neat freak.

Good luck on finishing out the school year...and surviving the summer. Now the weather jealousy I've had all winter seems worth it! My summer should be just dandy. :-)

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