Practicing Spontaneity

I've never been a very spontaneous person; usually I like to plan things out exactly and follow my plan without deviation. Although I've graduated from writing out lists of my planned outfits for trips I still generally plan ahead as much as I can. But then this weekend we drove down to Saint George for a family reunion with Mr. Fob's family. I woke up in Saint George on Saturday morning and realized that we were quite close to my parents' house in Las Vegas and that the kids haven't been there for nearly a year. So despite the fact that I only packed clothes and diapers for two days the kids and I drove down there on Sunday morning (after a trip to Target for church clothes and extra diapers on Saturday evening). It turned out to be a great idea and we had a relaxing few days involving lots of swimming, fresh basil pesto from the garden, and Grandpa spoiling the kids with a trip to the Shark Reef complete with souvenirs. The drive back today by myself was less than wonderful, but I only had to pull the car over once to threaten the children. The rest of our summer is booked pretty solid so I won't be taking any more spontaneous trips like that. Unless someone wants to buy me tickets to Hawaii.


Th. said…

I want to.
I'm like you. I've even used the oxymoron "planned spontaneity."
JD said…
Oh I need some time off of spontaneity for awhile :)I need some lists.
Kristeee said…
Sounds like fun! And if you find someone willing to take you to Hawaii, please give me their phone number. :)
Tina said…
Sounds like fun. Glad you got to fit it in.

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