Things that made me cry today

Just so you know, when I pregnant or otherwise hormonally impaired I am a crier. Good things, bad things, stupidly sappy things that I know are just emotionally manipulative. Like today I was reading a stupid picture book about a dog named "Santa Paws" and I started tearing up. That was lame. But some things aren't:

First of all, I actually won a random blog giveaway. And not just any giveaway, but a really awesome one. I don't read
Seriously, so blessed! very often, but I decided to stop in the other day for some laughs. There was a giveaway and I decided to enter, assuming I wouldn't win. Not only did I win, but I got the biggest prize, which is a certificate for a getaway at the Homestead in Midway. Mr. Fob and I usually try to do something special for our anniversary and have often been able to spend a night away. This year we decided to move it up a little because late November won't be a great time for me to be far from home and I don't think I'll be feeling very romantic by then. We just made plans to stay in Salt Lake the night before we go to Sunstone in August, but it was going to be a little overnight at the Best Western or something like that. I'd been considering a bed and breakfast but was hesitant about spending the money since we need funds to pay for the baby. So, long story short, we finally get to stay overnight in the kind of place I've always dreamed about. We aren't golfers but are planning on visiting the spa. Now we just have to figure out a good weekend, hopefully sometime in September.

Secondly I had my first checkup today at the doctor's office. While there were some things that made me cry in a not-so-happy way (um, pap smear), everything else went really well. And I was surprised when they decided to do a quick ultrasound to double check dates and everything. Suddenly there it was: I'm definitely having a baby. A cute little baby with squirmy arms and legs and everything. Totally unreal. How does everyone feel about Groundhog Day for a birthday? Yay or nay?

Thirdly, a good friend dropped off some extra produce from her CSA for me. Even better, she also emailed me to find out if I'd like to go pick some raspberries with her. I've been craving raspberry jam for a few weeks now and I'm delighted to have found a way to make it possible. Thank you.

Perhaps today was such a wonderful day because our air conditioning got fixed yesterday and my house is now a balmy 78 degrees instead of 88. That makes everything better, right?


M said…
FoxyJ, I saw that you won, and I was so happy for you! I loved your Segullah post (although I didn't comment there). I think you totally deserve that weekend. You go girl!--Emily M.
Earth Sign Mama said…
Well, that is just so awesome!! What a great "Welcome Back to Utah" gift. You do totally deserve that weekend.
Elizabeth-W said…
My mom's birthday is Groundhog day. Of all holidays it isn't the best (4th of July--like my daughter's) or worst, like I imagine Christmas could be.
Yea for the A/C!
Samantha said…
I'm glad they were mostly happy tears. :-)
Kristeee said…
I think a Groundhog Day birthday would be just fine - so long as you don't have to go through labor 20 times until you break the cycle somehow!

It's funny what hormones do, isn't it? I'm not even pregnant but Saturday I started crying when the Cracker Barrel waitress told me there weren't any biscuits when I tried to order biscuits and gravy. Even though my blueberry pancakes were tasty, I was still sad and bitter about the biscuits. :)
Emma said…
Those are great things to cry about! Have fun on your trip!
Desmama said…
I'm glad you won that getaway! It sounds like it's going to be fun, and you certainly deserve it.

Groundhog's Day is my oldest's birthday. She was due on the 8th but came six days early. It's a good birthday. I was happy she came before Valentine's so I could dress her all Valentine-ey. Plus, it's something to look forward to after the hype of Christmas goes away--new baby in less than six weeks!
skyeJ said…
then put your little hand in mine, there's no hill or mountain we can't climb!!!!! BABE. I got you BABE. I got yooouuu. Babe.

Guess what movie we got to watch all day long at the plasma center on February 2nd every year? We were seriously so blessed.

I like any due date!!
Melyngoch said…
pregnancy=hormonally impaired. Awesome.
JD said…
I am totally dry eyed in so many instances until I am preggers. I am really glad you blog.... I miss you guys! Tell Ben and the kids hi for us :)
Michelle said…
you made me cry! I'm so, so very happy for you. And Groundhog's Day is awesome; it's my birthday. xoxo, m

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