My Grandpa Was a Dairy Farmer

Right now in the refrigerator we have: string cheese, shredded cheese, cream cheese, feta cheese, sour cream, plain yogurt, Gogurt tubes for lunches, Activia yogurt, milk, and ice cream (in the freezer).

Maybe we should try other food groups?


Kristeee said…
Milk does a body good. :)
Earth Sign Mama said…
In the immortal words of said Grandpa: "They must be doing better. Did you see that they had three kinds of cheese in their refrigerator?" He could relax. His daughter was clearly in a better financial condition than he'd previously imagined.
Samantha said…
It is important for pregnant people to get enough calcium. :-)
Jenny said…
goat cheese!
Mr. Fob said…
Your mom was a dairy farmer.

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