Why I Don't Shop at WalMart

To be honest, the biggest reason why I haven't shopped at WalMart for a few years is because it is not close to my house. I'm lazy and would rather drive to a closer store that only takes two minutes rather than ten. Today my mother-in-law asked me to pick something up for her at WalMart, and since I needed some groceries anyway I was happy to oblige. When I hit the produce section I started to question my laziness, because many of the produce prices were lower than my usual store and the produce was just as fresh. But then I tried to find some spinach in the frozen foods section and they were completely out. I had a similar experience trying to find hair detangler for S-Boogie and they only had one set of the curtains my mother-in-law wanted me to buy. Then when I got to the cash register I had to wait several minutes while the cashier chatted with another one who was apparently replacing her. No one looked at me or said anything to me like "sorry, we're changing shifts". Then several items rang up at much higher prices than they had been listed at; especially in the produce department I had trouble determining what the real price for anything was. I also don't like how they use so many bags for everything; the bread went in its own bag, the milk in its own bag, the curtain in its own bag, and so on. Then on the way out I slipped and nearly fell in a puddle on the floor; the first person I notified grunted and pointed to another lady, who barely looked up from her chat with a fellow worker to nod when I pointed out the puddle and remarked that it was dangerous and should be cleaned up.

The thing is, as much as I complain about these things at WalMart, most of them have happened to me at other stores. I get tired of being unable to find things in stock and I really dislike rude customer service. I am somewhat tempted to start shopping at WalMart again because their prices really are low, but I think I'll let laziness convince me to keep going to the stores closer to my house. Maybe I should just invest in some chickens and a cow so I never have to go to the grocery store again.


Courtney said…
I never shop at WalMart for a lot of those reasons. Plus the lines are always so long. I feel like the store is cramped and dirty-- it just stresses me out to shop there. I'm a big fan of buying a cow and a chicken.
Desmama said…
I am lobbying for chickens, too. I don't know about a cow, though. A lot of work to milk. I hate Wal-Mart, too, but I go sometimes for the prices and kind of feel whorish but whatever. The lines are always ridiculously long and I just feel like I'm a newly arrived immigrant at Ellis Island or something, waiting to be processed. I don't know if that's a good metaphor or not.
Th. said…

I last stopped at a Walmart when I was lost in Anaheim in 2004 or 5. Before that was at 2am when I needed spray adhesive. Where else could I go?

I don't miss it.
Lady Steed said…
Wal-Mart....ugh. Always a negative and unpleasant shopping experience. why would I keep going somewhere that makes me feel stressed, angry and dirty every time. My decision to not shop there was a quality of life one.

Earth Sign Mama said…
In my experience, it often depends on the part of town you find the Walmart. There are two equi-distant from my house.(about 8 miles) One is surrounded by apartments and low-income housing, but it is also next to the airbase gate and so it gets shoppers who live in base housing. Generally, it a horror to visit. You would definitely not got there after dark because the parking lot isn't safe then. The other is located in a stable part of town--homes, families, not much moving in and out, and fewer apartments. Going there is much more pleasant experience. However, Walmart is successful because they choose to offer fewer products, medium quality produce (instead of high quality) and they are chronically understaffed. There are some things I choose to buy only there, just for the savings, (TP, Ziplocks, detergent, cat food) but I rarely buy fresh fruit or vegetables. It's just a trade-off. Cows won't be rude (chickens will) and they won't mug you in the parking lot. But watch where you step!
Earth Sign Mama said…
Oops, I didn't mean that the airbase housing created a dangerous environment in the parking lot! I meant that they built the store in a difficult neighborhood because it was also next door to a large clientele of military people. You know, employed people with regular paychecks.
FoxyJ said…
I've also noticed that a lot depends on the neighborhood and a lot depends on the age of the WalMart store. The one in Orem used to be a lot nicer 8 years ago, but now it's not anymore. They don't do a great job with upkeep. The other thing, which I hate complaining about, is the fact that several of the employees I interacted with barely spoke English. I teach foreign languages and I have a lot of sympathy for those who are learning English, but if someone is in a customer service position they should be able to hold a conversation and be intelligible to the customers. There was a woman who worked at the library in Seattle who also was an ESL speaker and I always felt embarrassed because I couldn't understand her. As a customer that puts us both in an awkward situation.
Kristeee said…
Ugh, I can't do the Orem WalMart while the college students are in town. It's not too bad during the summer, especially during the day. Some of their produce is decent and their meat's actually pretty good, too. I've taken to just shopping the ads between Smith's, Sunflower Market, & Macey's and then just going to WalMart when I need a giant shopping trip with more of the non-grocery items.

The Lindon store is a lot nicer and I don't feel like a total minority there. AF is more upscale, but crazy busy. Springville's pretty nice.

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