Crazy Week

Hopefully this week will be a little better; today is starting to feel that way, especially since right now I'm home alone because Mr. Fob took Little Dude with him to run an errand and my fabulous sister-in-law took S-Boogie to go have fun with her cousins. I should probably be lying down on the couch right now but decided to take a chance and blog instead.

Last week was fun, but crazy. Mr. Fob has six siblings, three of whom live in Hawaii. Last week two of his sisters and their families came to visit, plus his dad, so we all went up to a cabin by Bear Lake for a few days. It was fun and a little crazy at the same time. Since we were already most of the way up there, we took a quick day trip up to Wyoming and rode horses at my aunt's house. It was fun, even though the horses were acting kind of crazy since we had some from my uncle and some from my aunt and they weren't too happy about getting together (and no, I didn't get on a horse this time--not a good idea in my condition).

So we got back late Wednesday night and I spent most of Thursday trying to unpack and put my house back together. That was interspersed with visits from our manager and someone who came to repair a water leak that's been happening for several months now (finally!). The good news was that he was pretty sure simply fixing all the cracked grout in the shower should solve the leaking, the bad news was that we couldn't use our shower from Thursday through Sunday. Thursday night we all got together for a family picture; Little Dude was very uncooperative and it was cold, but at least we got a picture and it will hopefully look nice (besides the sulking toddler).

Friday morning was used up on a fruitless errand to the DMV in Provo; I only realized it was fruitless after getting there and remembering that they are closed on Fridays. After we came home I started preparing lunch. Little Dude took off running down the hall (he runs everywhere), slipped, and smacked into the corner of the wall instead. As soon as Mr. Fob picked him up I knew we needed to go get his head stitched up. Thankfully Mr. Fob could take an hour or so off work to help me take him in; I could have done it myself, but handling a crying, bleeding three-year-old is a lot easier with a helper. Urgent Care was a surprisingly pleasant experience and Little Dude was very cooperative with receiving six stitches in his head.

Saturday we headed off to the pumpkin patch at Thanksgiving Point with some cousins, and while the kids and Mr. Fob had a great time I really didn't. It was bigger than I expected, plus I managed to get lost in the kiddie maze with Little Dude (well, somehow we wandered into the regular maze). Four hours on my feet was too much for me, that's for sure. Saturday evening we hosted family for dinner, and then last night we had everyone over again too.

Like I said, things were kind of crazy and stressful, but not horrible. I've had worse weeks before, it just feels like a lot of stressful things happening at once. Plus I've been battling a bad cold for the last few days as well as the return of one of my old problems that I've blogged about before**TMI** don't keep reading if you don't want to. Twice in the last few weeks I've had really bad hemorrhoid flareups again. Like bad enough that simply breathing hurts. I have to pretty much spend all my time lying down on the couch hoping they go away. It's so frustrating because it's always the same spot, and it's really not diet-related anymore. Basically it's gravity and the pressure from the baby. I'm stressed because I'm only going to get bigger for the next sixteen weeks and I'm afraid I'm going to spend that entire time lying down on my couch for fear that my entire bottom is going to fall out. If it still is a problem after I have this baby I'm going to go talk to a doctor. Butt surgery is not a great option, but I don't want to spend the rest of my life unable to walk, hike, bike, or lift things without fear of the consequences. Also, I'm sure my blog readers don't want to hear about this for the rest of my life either. As Mr. Fob reminded me last night, it's not a life-threatening complication and if I have to take it easy for the rest of the pregnancy that's not the end of the world. It's also pretty much the only reason why I'm glad I actually don't have to have a vaginal delivery.

Anyways, here's hoping this week is better. We still have a few more days to have fun with family and it's almost Halloween. Fall is offically here and I love the cold, crisp weather and all the yummy local fruits like apples and pears. I think I need to go bake something so I can feel better; time to learn how to bake while lying down on my couch.


Baby 'roids are the worst. I feel for you girl. In fact, the more I talk to friends with newborns and/or pregnancies, the more three kids seems like a really nice number. :)

And doesn't EVERYBODY have a family picture with a sulky toddler? I think it is required.
skyeJ said…
Man. Butt roids. One of the docs I work with likes to joke that if all other places fail, she can always try a blood draw from a butt roid. (Not really. That would be a HUGE risk for infection.) She did have a former IV drug user who'd admitted to shooting up there a few times.


Life could be worse... :)
cool_guy said…
I worship the proctologist who removed my hemmorhoids - a life changing experience and one of the very few voluntary surgeries I would reccommend...

Don't hesitate to pressure the doctor to get it done when you can - it will eliminate a major pain-in-the-***.
Julie said…
LOL about butt surgery! =) Hope this week is better.
Melissa said…
try an easy bake oven. Was the extra t on your but on purpose or a Freudian slip?

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