I should be in bed right now

I really should be; I don't know if it's the cold, the dark, or the lingering effects of the flu (S-Boogie was sick for all of last week), but we've had some rough mornings here this week. And yet I'm still diddling around on the internet.

My mom just bought a plane ticket for when the baby gets here. It seems like things are happening fast, and yet there's so much to still happen before that time. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. Hopefully buying a house. Hopefully finding money to pay for diapers and for delivery. Part of me wants things to go fast, and part of me just wants to enjoy the next few months when I can sleep at night and we only have to deal with two children.

Speaking of two children, Little Dude and I have been having a hard time lately. I think it's partly just being a three-and-a-half year old, partly having recently moved, having his sister go to school all day, and potty training. He's been acting out a lot more than he used to and there are too many days when I'm just tired and crabby. Plus the last few weeks have been so busy with S-Boogie being sick and now we're having a cold snap that he hasn't had a chance to get outside and play as much as he should. We have a large playroom in the basement but for some reason the kids hate it. They act like I'm punishing them when I try and send them down there. At least having lived through one child being three gives us the perspective that some day this will pass and he will get back to normal. Probably not until after the baby comes though.

I bought a nasal irrigation kit at Costco the other day and I am now a fan. Never thought I would endorse squirting saline solution up my nose on purpose, but it actually feels good. Hopefully it will keep me healthy. Now I just need to get out my pregnancy yoga DVD and try harder to take better care of myself. The daily walks haven't been happening lately with the cold weather and all the illness we've been having. Which reminds me--proper sleep is important for good health too. Good night!


I wish to say differently: but your three year old problems might continue for some time. My very good-natured middle spent a long time not himself when we had a rash of similar transitions a couple of years ago. Hang in there, momma.
Em said…
I'm really glad I'm not the only one whose nice three-and-some child was snatched away one night while I was sleeping and replaced with an intolerable clone...
Desmama said…
Just this morning I called Darren to report all the naughtiness that had gone on, all credit to our three-year-old. She wasted an entire box of expensive tissue (it was the lotion-ey kind for sore noses), then when we went to clean it up, she dumped it in the TOILET, and clogged it. I was fit to be tied. I sent her to her room for her own safety.

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