The Good News

Apparently the way to invoke bad karma is to write a blog post about how terrible your last week was and to hope that the new one will be better. My cold has not gone away, and last night as I was descending our basement stairs I managed to miss one and fell down the last three or four. My back has been aching all day and I felt miserable; thankfully tonight things seem to be clearing up a bit and hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better. If I'm trying to look on the bright side I can say that I've been taking a lot of hot baths and lying around on my couch for the last week or so.

In other news, something I've been hesitant to announce on my blog looks like it might actually come true so I'm going to say it: we're buying a house. Right now in the middle of the process this doesn't feel like 'good news', but I have faith that it will work out and we will be somewhere else in a month. Somewhere without scary stairs to the basement or leaking pipes or incompetent landlords that don't fix them. And a dishwasher. We really weren't planning on buying anything in the near future. Then we noticed a house just two blocks away that was being offered as a rent-to-own. We went and looked at it, fell in love with it (it has pretty much everything we wanted in a home), and jumped into the mess that is trying to buy a home. I've been really nervous about the whole thing but I also keep feeling like it is the right decision. At least this time we'll be moving before I have a baby. We hope.


Katya said…
. . . we're buying a house

I initially read this as "we're buying a horse." So, look on the bright side — at least you're not buying a horse, on top of everything else!
All the best. It is a hard and good decision. I especially love home ownership about tax time.
congrats on the house. i hope your week goes better!
Emma said…
I wish you well with your aches and pains, and buying a house.
Desmama said…
Oh, wow--I hope your back is okay. I take it everything is okay pregnancy-wise? Congratulations on the house! I'm thrilled for you. It's nice to have a place you can spread out and call your own.
Evelyn Theresa said…
Congratulations! That really is wonderful. Let us know if you need any help working out the details. Burke did this professionally for awhile. How nice that you're not moving too far either! Hopefully you'll get a few days to move in and so can take it easy and not end up with random boxes with "Stuff that fit in this box" labeled on it.
Em said…
Hooray on the house! I'm jealous...we looked at one and almost went through with it...and then decided that it's silly since we know we're going to leave here soon. Bleah. Yay for you guys being in a place you love!

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