2 Week Thoughts

This should be the point where I say "wow, the last two weeks have really gone by fast!" They haven't, really; the days (and nights) have been kind of long but the time does seem to have flown. I've been trying to take a Zen-like approach to life and slow down my usual anxiousness by thinking 'one day at a time', so a total of fourteen days does seem like a lot. Now I'm looking forward to the next milestone: one month.

While I'm anxious for P. Bibby to get bigger, I'm mostly anxious for my body to get better and so I can get back to 'normal' (hah!). Mr. Fob has a lot going on with work and I feel somewhat stressed about adding childcare, cooking, cleaning, and shopping on top of all that. I don't think he minds too much, but I hate feeling useless. And, weirdly enough, I miss grocery shopping. A break from that is good for my budget at least.

I did go in for my two-week check at the OB today and everything looks good so far. My incision is healing well and my body is doing what it needs to in order to get better. I just need to remind myself to take it slow and let my body work. In a year or so the next few weeks won't really seem all that long after all.

I also took P. Bibby in for her two-week check today and she passed with flying colors. She is up almost half a pound from her birth weight, and since she lost weight in the hospital it really means she's gained more than that. Everything else about her is just fine also. She was nice and mellow for the entire checkup except the part where they poked her foot to draw blood. Even then, she calmed down right away as soon as they put a band-aid on it and put her clothes back on. I keep crossing my fingers that her mellowness will last.

So far I'm feeling decent both mentally and physically. Breastfeeding is still going well and sleeping is generally all right since I've just been putting her in the bed with me. I figure in a few weeks we'll work on sleeping by herself. She also takes a lot of naps in her swing during the day. My main problem right now is Little Dude; he loves his baby sister a lot, but he's also incredibly bored all day. That's not a new problem, it's been going on for months now. He refuses to go do anything that involves entertaining himself. He used to play quite well with his toys on his own, but now I can rarely get him to stop clinging to my leg all day. I was already struggling with this before the baby and now it's worse because I'm even more busy. I do try and take time to read or color with him sometimes, but I can't play with him all day and he's having a hard time learning that.

One last thought: people are awesome. My parents stayed with us for a week and helped take care of the big kids. I know they were exhausted by the time they left, but it was a big help and I think it made an easier transition for the kids to have fun with Grandma and Grandpa for a week. Our ward has also been great--even though we only moved in last month people have been so generous and friendly. They also assigned me visiting teachers right away and this week people have been bringing us dinners. We've had lots of friends and family stop by with little gifts and treats and we've received several fun things in the mail too. It's amazing to me how many good friends we have.


Hang in there girl. I felt like my work load quadrupled when we went to three kids--at least for those first several months. Luckily, the love increases in equal measure.

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