Preparing for the Apocalypse

The 'nesting instinct' is a common trope of pregnancy; there's something about a new baby that triggers women to want to clean, purge, organize, and otherwise get everything 'perfect' for their new arrival. I have been feeling that a bit of late, though moving last month certainly helped to quash most of my desires to do any heavy cleaning or organizing. I'm not much of a decorator and we don't have a designated nursery so I haven't done much of that kind of nesting either.

For some reason this time around my nesting instincts have gone in an entirely different direction: food storage. This doesn't surprise me that much. I've always found it easier to blow money on food (boxes of cereal are easier to justify than new clothes or furniture), and we just moved into a new house with a lot more storage room. Several local grocery stores had their case-lot sales last month and so I indulged a bit. I do think food storage is important and right now I'm trying to work out a good plan for building up both our short-term storage as well as getting some long-term stuff (we really don't have any). I just need to keep reminding myself that I don't have to buy everything this week.

Last night I was balancing my budget for January and was embarrassed by how much over my usual food allowance I went. I keep hearing about a 'eat from your pantry' challenge in which you keep shopping to a minimum for a month and work on eating what you have. I think I'm going to try it in February, although I almost feel like I'm cheating since I physically won't want to go to the store. Now I just have to get this baby out of here so my hormones will relax and I can stop obsessing about squirreling away as much food as possible.


Desmama said…
It is interesting how differently the nesting instinct manifests itself, even from pregnancy to pregnancy. I think this last time I also got into the food storage thing--I was baking casseroles and freezing them and doing all sorts of stuff. I think one of them is still in the freezer. Probably ought to check on that . . . since the baby just turned one . . .

I hope you've squirreled away some good reading as well. It's nice to have a bit in the hospital to pass the time (if you can't find anything on TV). Good luck! I'll be thinking of you and anxiously awaiting pictures of your sweet new one!

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