Monthly Resolutions

I was reading a magazine a little while ago in the doctor's office that suggested the idea of monthly resolutions. Rather than making a few big goals at the beginning of the year, make one or two small improvements each month. In theory, you should be able to incrementally build up good habits by focusing on one thing for a time before adding something else. I've been thinking about this idea for a while, especially since the beginning of this year hasn't been a good time to do much besides nurture a baby. I have a few health-related changes I'd like to make, but it seems like the timing will be better later in the year when I am more fully recovered and when the weather is better.

I also like this idea because I feel like I have so many changes I'd like to make. For the last few years I've lived in a bit of a fog, just getting by until the next big move or other change. Now that we're more settled I want to spend more time on myself. Some of my goals that I have in mind are: writing in my journal, scripture study, temple attendance, exercise, eating more fruits and vegetables, and eating less sugar. I've been toying with the idea of getting back into scripture study or journal writing next month, but I think I'll wait until April before setting any formal goals.

Tonight I was feeling grumpy at Mr. Fob for a variety of reasons and the thought came into my head "be gentle with him", followed by the thought: "be gentle with yourself". I'm trying to remember that; life gets weird when you're surviving on interrupted sleep and when one person in the family can't do much besides sit on the couch. Things will get better soon enough, and until then I'm going to pamper us the best I can. Tonight that means baking cookies with the dough my visiting teachers dropped off: maybe in June or July I'll stop eating treats.


Julie said…
I had a friend who read the New Testament while nursing here baby. Scripture studying is something you might be able to fit in during nursing times that there are no children around
Earth Sign Mama said…
A few treats now and then are soothing to the soul. It is possible to cut back, but never give them up entirely.

And I've learned through the years that one is never sorry to have chosen "gentle" as a reaction.
Ben said…
I like this idea of gradual-ness.

I keep saying I'm going to lay off sugar once I get through my qualifying exams. We're suffering from similar lack-of-sleep at our house. Hang in there, and enjoy the cookie dough! (I just wouldn't even bake it, but you're better about being health-conscious like that than I am, it seems)

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