The Letter I

India: We colored the flag and read a few books about India; we also watched a movie called Two Brothers because the library had it labelled as being set in India, but it's actually in Indochina. It was still a good movie and the kids liked it. We ate Indian food twice, once by ourselves and another time when we got together with some friends to eat together. When we ate with our family the kids helped me make chapatis and we had some aloo gobi with rice. On the other day, our friends made some curry and I brought samosas with cilantro chutney.

Indonesia: We read a few informational books, as well as this story that the kids really liked. After reading a lot about the puppet shows and dancing from Indonesia we looked up some videos on You Tube and watched a few shows with shadow puppets. For dinner we had chicken satay and fried noodles.

Iran: We read a few books about Iran and colored the flag; S-Boogie decided she wants to live in Iran because the boys and girls are separate and 'boys are yucky'. For dinner I made some tasty rice casserole with salad and fruit. We all liked it a lot.

Israel: We read books about Israel and colored the flag. I decided to do an Israeli breakfast as well as dinner, just to be different. For breakfast we had yogurt with fruit, orange juice, and challah with butter and jam. For dinner we had falafel. I've tried making falafel before and finally succeeded with this recipe. It was delicious. We also had a tasty carrot salad and fruit.

Italy: We colored the flag and read a few books about the country; the kids especially liked the story book about The Magic Boot. This was the week that none of our food turned out; we tried making gnocchi, but I didn't get enough flour in them so they didn't cook right. Instead I decided to cook some angel hair pasta and we had it with the tomato cream sauce. We also had bread, caprese salad, and some grapes.


I really love the idea of doing this. I hope to do it with my kids when they're a little bit older. Oh, and I am totally going to try those Indian recipes. Yum.
Kristeee said…
I, too, think this is just a super neat idea that we'll have to try out in 5 years or so. What have been your favorite recipes so far?
Desmama said…
These are cool.


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