Letters J & K

Jamaica: We read a few informational books, but the library didn't really have any good story books. We also colored the flag and listened to some reggae music (something we already do on a regular basis). For dinner I 'cheated' and stopped by the Jamaican restaurant to get some jerk chicken and pork. Then I made our own rice and peas and we ate the food with fruit.

Japan: The library had a lot of fun books about Japan; we also really liked this story quite a bit. The kids colored the flag and I also printed off this bookmark for them. They loved the bookmark dolls and we talked about kimonos a bit. Dinner was a challenge for me because I actually don't like Japanese food very much. So we had chicken katsu, which is a bit more American-friendly. We also watched Ponyo and the kids loved it.

Kenya: I thought Kenya was fun to learn about because I didn't know much about it before this month. We ate some yummy food for dinner; I used a recipe from a cookbook I had for a vegetarian stew with beans, vegetables, coconut milk, and peanut butter. We ate it with ugali and both Mr. Fob and I love the meal. The kids weren't as impressed. We also watched this movie, which isn't specifically Kenyan but still set in Africa and not your usual kids' movie (I do recommend it, but be aware that all the women in it are topless--it's a cartoon, but if that bothers you don't watch it). We talked about African animals and watched this video as well.

Korea: Most materials I could find about Korea talked primarily about South Korea, but mentioned the North as well so I just talked about "Korea" in one week. The kids colored both flags and we read some books about both countries. They also really liked this story from a Korean author. We ate beef bulgogi with rice, salad, and fruit.


Anonymous said…

I have added a movie to my mental list.

We'll be eating Korean for Little Lord Steed's birthday next month. Can't go wrong with bulgoki.

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