Our Most Romantic Date Ever

Last night in the drive-thru at Burgers Supreme I asked Mr. Fob if he knew how many hours he has spent sitting in waiting rooms while I describe vague symptoms to a doctor. Yesterday my sister-in-law had the older kids come over for a sleepover and the most exciting thing we could think of doing was visiting Instacare together. My stomach had been bothering me since last Friday, and while I was mostly feeling better, there was still a nagging ache in my side and I just felt yucky. I finally got around to going in yesterday afternoon and the visit was actually pretty pleasant. They took some bloodwork and did an ultrasound of my gallbladder and other abdominal organs. The somewhat disappointing news was that there were no obvious stones or blockages, but the ultrasound tech said that I could still be experiencing some inflammation or irritation that may not show up on the screen. What I really need to work on is getting more exercise and changing my diet, but last night I still decided to get the french dip sandwich and fries that I had been craving. And then we went home and played Scrabble after putting the baby to bed. For our next date night we really need to find something more exciting to do.


skyeJ said…
I don't know. A marriage where you can just go get fast food and talk about random stuff together sounds pretty nice to me. Go date night!

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