The First of December

A few weeks ago I found a deal online for half-off a fresh Christmas tree, delivered to your home. I'm always a fan of a bargain, plus I'm lazy and liked the idea of home delivery, so I ordered a tree. I thought it was going to be here over the weekend but it didn't show up until today. It is spectacular: a giant noble fir with thick, green needles and an overwhelming smell of pine. The tree takes up an entire corner of our living room. Its heavenly.

So we let the kids stay up late decorating the tree and drinking hot chocolate. We listened to Frank Sinatra and discussed all of our special ornaments, though I think my little candy canes that I bought at Pic-n-Save twelve years ago have finally bit the dust. The kids were thrilled with the tree and I am so grateful to have a lovely home with room for a beautiful tree and a mantel just right for hanging stockings. I have a feeling that this is going to be a wonderful Christmas; the kids are old enough to be excited about everything and able to do somethingwith their excitement, and the baby is just getting big enough to really respond to the twinkly lights. I can't wait until tomorrow when she wakes up and sees the giant tree in our living room. Today Little Dude brought me a list he had written of things we need to buy for making gingerbread houses: kandy, m on ms, kandy kanz, ginger, gliters. We all need more 'gliters' in our life.


Julie said…
I wish you would have told me about that coupon!!
Desmama said…
That sounds really cool. We got out first real tree this year and I'm liking it. I love LD's list, too.
Tina said…
Where is the picture? We just bought a fake tree. I love the smell of real trees and am missing it this year.

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