The Letters P & R

We ended up skipping countries that start with O and only did one with R.

Peru: We read a few books about Peru and colored the flag. For dinner we got together with my sister-in-law who had served her mission in Peru. We ate papa a la huancaina, lomo saltado, rice, and chicha morada. It was all delicious, even though the kids didn't like it very much.

Philippines: We read some books; I found a few good story books that the kids liked, especially this one. For dinner we had two of my favorite foods, pancit and lumpia. Neither turned out quite as well as I remembered my Filipino friends making them when I was a kid, but I guess that just means that I'll have to make them again some time.

Poland: We read books and colored the flag; I had a hard time finding any story books about Poland and so we didn't get to read any. We did eat some pierogi, which were really tasty and big hit with the kids. I also tried making some cabbage rolls stuffed with brown rice but they didn't turn out so well.

Russia: The kids liked reading about Russia, and I was able to find a book about a girl who lived in Russia that they thought was really interesting. They especially were impressed with the size of the country. I was feeling somewhat lazy that week and so just had beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes. I did also include a side dish of beets to be more Russian.


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