Yesterday was a glorious day with clear blue skies and reasonable temperatures. I doubted the forecasted winter storm, especially when it was still clear at eleven last night as I went to bed. We woke up to several inches of snow and more falling hard. It's finally stopped now, but as I look out the window I'm grateful that we did our errands yesterday and can just stay home today. We're a little low on baby formula but should have enough to last through tomorrow.

I've had a few moments of panic when it comes to keeping the older kids busy all day. Thankfully they're finally getting old enough to mostly just entertain themselves and they've spent a lot of time playing together quite nicely. It makes my mommy heart proud to see how well they are getting along today. It also makes my teacher brain happy because I'm finally figuring out my challenging class schedule and syllabus for next semester (I have one section that meets twice a week and one that meets only once a week--yuck). Just for today I'm glad to sit on the couch with my laptop watching the snow fall while I think and type. Maybe by Friday we'll be a little stir-crazy. So far, however, today is just fine.


AmyJane said…
Man, do I ever wish my day looked more like yours. Instead, we went ahead with the plan and white-knuckled it to the SLC airport from my parents house in Bear Lake to deliver my Grandma to the airport. Yes, with all our kids. Yes, it took SIX hours. Yes, I am exhausted.

Wow, I forgot how much snow Utah can get!
"I'm glad to sit on the couch with my laptop watching the snow fall while I think and type."

Sounds like contentment to me. Some days are just good days.

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