A Wild and Wonderful Weekend

Last Tuesday afternoon I was reading one of my usual blogs (instead of grading papers) and mentioned to Mr. Fob "hey, that play you were interviewed for is going on this weekend. Wouldn't it be fun if we could go?" My question wasn't really serious, of course. But then we started talking about it, and then we started looking up trip prices on the internet, and then we called Mr. Fob's sister to see if she could watch our kids, and the next thing we knew, we had bought ourselves a trip to the Bay Area for the weekend. I think my motivation came from an interest in the play, the fact that winter here is long and brown and I always miss California this time of year, and the thrill of doing something absolutely spontaneous.

I spent a lot of time before last Friday afternoon wondering if we were doing 'the right thing'. I have no regrets today. We were blessed with beautiful weather the entire weekend and I got a nice dose of green plants, sunshine, and flowers. We ate amazing food the entire time, starting with some awesome Japanese food at the airport and progressing through crepes, goat cheese and artisan bread, falafel, and gourmet pizza. Although we stayed in a hotel, we still spent a lot of our time hanging out with our friends the Thteed family. I love having friends that we can just hang out and talk with for hours on end. None of us managed to watch much of General Conference (sorry), but we did get to go see a Little League game, tour the Berkeley chapel, and eat a lot.

The trip would have been great even if we didn't see the play, but I'm so glad we did. Until we sat down and looked at the program I didn't know how many of our friends were 'in' it. It was a beautiful piece and both Mr. Fob and I agreed that it was much too short. We could have kept watching it for hours. The strength of the show lies in the fact that he just presents the thoughts and words of many different people, some of which are contradictory or clashing, without commentary or anything. It felt like sitting in a room with a bunch of people baring their souls to me. I think the best part of the weekend was the fact that we got to meet Ben Abbott, the writer and actor, and his wife. They are wonderful people and we enjoyed hanging out with both of them. Even if we get the chance to see the show again, the opportunity to make new friends was really worth it. So was the sunshine.


Th. said…

Come back any time!
Wish I could have been there...
skyeJ said…
Hey, don't feel bad! I didn't watch any of conference either! :)

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