Impulse buying

This afternoon I went to Target to get printer ink. I came out with:

Clorox sanitizing wipes
Organic fruit leather
Cinnamon rolls
1 toddler toothbrush
2 packages of Christmas stationery

And, no printer ink. They were out of stock.


Mandi said…
LOL, I would've had some kid/baby clothes or shoes too, and the reason I would have had no printer ink would have been that I forgot, not that they were out!

OR that I would have walked away leaving my purchase on the cashier's counter (as I have too many times to count!)
Desmama said…
So glad I'm not the only one who does this. Fruit leather sounds good, too.
FoxyJ said…
The fruit leather was because we were on the way to the doctor to get Sophie's flu shot, so I wanted a nice healthy treat for her. Well, she didn't even cry and as soon as we were done the nurse handed her a sucker. Oh well.
Savvymom said…
What kind of cinnamon rolls did you get? I thought about making them today but it sounded like too much effort.
JB said…
I do that all the time. I'll go in for one thing and come out with 10. Especially at Target and especially at the grocery store...sigh...
FoxyJ said…
I got the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in a tube--they were on sale. I actually haven't baked them yet because we decided to save them for Sunday morning.

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