We're ba-ack!

We are now back online and once again able to communicate with the outside world. After deciding the other day that all the people at Utopia are complete morons, I decide to repent when three vans full of repairmen showed up at our apartment this morning. They were even here before 9:30--simply amazing! They fiddled with things for a while and then declared things fixed. I picked up the phone, and they were! I called my dad on his cellphone and he was delighted as well. So now we are back in the real world and I can return to wasting my time on the internet. Hallelujah!


Mandi said…
YEAH!!!!! Curse and praise Technology!!
Tolkien Boy said…
Welcome back to the real world. Except it's fake. And welcome back to communication with us.

When you said "the guys at Utopia were morons" I read "Mormons" and I thought - Oh, if Moore had any idea...
FoxyJ said…
Yeah, I know that Utopia doesn't mean what most people think it means, and I think that the guys who decided to name it that forgot that it really means "no place". I think this whole thing was revenge by Moore from beyond the grave.

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