Long weekend highlights

I really should learn from my past and stop planning my long weekend time as an opportunity to get ahead on my homework. It never happens. I still have several large research papers looming over my head. But, it was a fun weekend over all and quite a lot of good things happened:

As you can see, Master Fob proved his manliness by picking out a lovely Christmas tree and putting it up in our living room. This is the first year we've bought a real tree and I totally love the smell. S-Boogie is also beside herself with joy at having her very own tree with lights.

We had a delicious dinner with Master Fob's family at his brother's house. And we've been enjoying the leftovers for the last few days as well.

I was surprised by a little package from my mother-in-law this morning with a yoga for pregnancy DVD that I had put on my Amazon wish list.

My parents were in town and they treated us to Thai food on Friday night. They also gave us a nice anniversary gift in the form of paper. Master Fob and I just used it to book reservations at a nice hotel in Salt Lake for next Saturday night. My parents are awesome.

S-Boogie got sick, but has managed to avoid wheezing or any trouble with her breathing, so the investment in asthma medication is obviously paying off.

Also, S-Boogie got a beautiful new coat with kitty cat pockets, pictures of which can be seen here

And, the snow was lovely. I like snow because it covers the brown ugliness of the barren trees, clears away the inversion, and justifies the freakin' cold weather.


Tolkien Boy said…
It IS a lovely tree. Congratulations.

Oh, and your word verification "word" is the longest of its type I've ever seen.

Seriously. There are like fifty letters here.
amyjane said…
I'm jealous of your tree. Dumb BYU housing doesn't allow real trees. Also we have no space for one anyway. So I have three crates of Christmas stuff, and no tree. Again.
JB said…
I love real trees! They're a pain to clean up after, but not that much of a pain. I don't think...

Sophie looks adorable in her new coat. She's such a beautiful little girl!

Glad you guys are back in the world of the internet. :)
Master Fob said…
Yeah, we spent two years with a tiny fake tree because of the dumb BYU housing rules. And then last year we were just lazy and used the fake one again. I'm starting to wish we had used it, since it was small enough to kept out of reach of little destructive fingers...
FoxyJ said…
Um, that last comment was me, not Master Fob. I guess we're taking the "becoming one" thing a little too far these days.

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