New House Rules

1. Please tell someone as soon as you poop in your diaper (i.e. don't wait until Mom notices poop running down your leg, and then don't try to keep denying it even when it's that obvious).

2. Don't pick up any spiders, ants, earwigs, etc. while playing outside (I really don't want her to get bitten by something weird).

3. The baby does not eat any food yet, especially goldfish crackers (at least he knows enough to spit it back out when offered).


Is it some unwritten law of the universe that older siblings must attempt to feed infants goldfish crackers? The only time Savannah thinks to share with her brother is when it's something he isnt' allowed to have.
Master Fob said…
4. Close the fridge after you get your yogurt out while you wait for Mom and Dad to wake up in the morning.
Melyngoch said…
I'll be sure to follow these rules next I come to visit.

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