Svithing a day late

Yesterday in Sacrament meeting one of the speakers asked, "Do you have a testimony of the resurrection?" I thought that was interesting, given the various things that have been happening in my life during the last few years. I also realized that this is one thing we really have to rely on faith and the Spirit to understand, since it's not going to happen for us to see and it won't happen to us directly for a while just yet. Also yesterday we went visiting teaching and taught a lesson about the purpose of our mortal life and the plan of salvation.

Then I came home and got on the internet and found out that President Hinckley had passed away. I guess my thoughts of mortality and death were appropriate after all. I can remember clearly finding out that President Benson had passed away. I was working at Taco Bell near my house and had stopped off after my shift to see my mom at the laundromat where she was washing my family's clothes. She told me that the prophet had died and I remember feeling really lost because I didn't remember any earlier transition. For some reason I have little memory of the tenure of President Hunter. I also clearly remember the General Conference when President Hinckley was sustained; I raised my hand to support him even though I didn't know much about him or what he would be like as a leader. He has been an amazing leader and an inspiration to me. His signature is on my mission call and I have had the opportunity to hear him speak in person several times. I know I will miss him, but I am happy that he was able to live such a full and positive life. I only hope I can do the same.


Th. said…

I'll never stop looking up to him.

I suppose now, though, I'll just have to strain my neck a little more to manage.

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