Farewell to old friends

My mom bought me these shoes at Price Club about fifteen years ago. At first I didn't really like them; I thought they were clunky and looked funky. Since I usually only wore jeans and T-shirts with airbrushed pictures of wolves on them at fifteen, I find it kind of funny that I turned my nose up at a good pair of Birkenstocks. Thankfully over the years I came to love the way they fit my feet and to realize that they didn't look that bad. I had them resoled a while ago when they started wearing through to the cork on the bottom. About two years ago I realized that it was probably time to do that again, but I procrastinated. It's hard to tell in the picture, but the heels are now worn clean through to the footbed. The footbeds are cracked across my instep, the straps are coming unglued, and they are filthy. My mom bought me new sandals when I was in Las Vegas last week and I'm excited to wear them (they're not Birks). But for some reason I still can't bring myself to throw these away.


Lady Steed said…
I have a pair that I also am having a hard time throwing away. My solution--they are now my gardening sandals!

But seriously, it's a good thing you got new sandals. Worn out BIRKS don't offer much in the way of arch support. I really need a new pair too, perhaps I can get my mom to get me some?
Kristeee said…
I have a pair of clogs that I've lovingly worn to death over the last 11 years. I still wear them, I just have to be careful about wearing them in the rain or snow, because then my feet get wet. The sad thing is that I can't find another pair that's equal to the comfort and look of mine. Sigh. I feel your pain.
Yodame said…
You should have one bronzed like they do with baby shoes, for a keepsake. Of course, then that still leaves the pesky problem of still having to get rid of the other one :)
I had my first pair of Birks for five years, my second pair for over a decade. Hubby finally threw them out because they stunk. I loved those shoes. When he threw them out, however, he did buy me a new pair. He bought the non-leather type of Birks. I love them. They have the same footbed, don't get as stinky, and I don't care if they get wet because they don't warp. LOVE THEM.

I always called them my Peppermint Patty shoes. I started wearing them when my wardrobe of choice was reverse fit gap jeans and a white (too big) tee shirt. You've got to love the 90's.
I'll make you deal, you get rid of your well worn sandals and I'll get rid of my well worn chair. No? That's okay, I don't think I could have tossed the chair anyway.

When you have a trusted and used item for so long it is hard to say goodbye. Every single on of my children have slept in my nasty old chair and I can't toss it until this last baby sleeps there too. (though it will just be for a photo op. The chair is really too old to be a baby bed anymore)

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