We have some winners!

So I'm still a little sad that only 11 people thought enough of my cooking skills to enter my contest (Mr. Fob said he would enter but that he already gets plenty of baked goods for free). But all that means is that those who commented had a better chance of winning. I chose the winners completely randomly and they are:

  1. Desmama
  2. Audrey
  3. Emma

If I don't already have your address, email it to me so I know where to send the goodies. Thanks for playing and maybe we'll have some other sort of random giveaway in the future :)


Silly Marie said…
Dang it. I meant to comment on both posts and it just never happened! Darned google reader. Sometimes I forget to get over to the original source quickly enough! Shoot. It's very nice of you though. Fun idea.
Samantha said…
My lack of entry had nothing to do with your cooking skills and everything to do with my belated blog reading habits. :)
Emma said…
Yay! I'm excited to see what you make. I'm also looking forward to do the same thing on my blog.
Julie said…
For the record, I would love some of your cookies, I'm just to lazy to want to then do something for someone else! =)
This is why I need to put you on my blogroll (whcich is ancient and badly in need of updating). I can never find your blog unless I search through my archives to find your comment.

I would have entered!

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