Take Two: Pay it Forward

So my last post included several different memes and I guess that the last one kind of got lost in the confusion. So I'm reposting it, since I'm surprised that so few people want free cookies:

I first saw this on
Dandelion Mama's blog, but unfortunately didn't win. But my friend mhuff won and posted on her blog, so I was lucky enough to win over there. She mailed me a beautiful necklace a while ago and I feel bad that I have taken so long to return the favor.

The way this particular thing works is that you have to leave a comment in order to be entered into the contest. I will pick three random commenters on Sunday Night and they will win a prize made by me. Since I'm not very crafty, I will make some sort of baked goods. If you live near me it might be something like cupcakes, if not it will be something more sturdy that will last in the mail. You must be willing to pass on the good will if you win, so remember that when you enter the contest. Why don't we make things interesting by describing our favorite and least favorite baked goods?


Kengo Biddles said…
Do I have to tell you that I like pain au chocolat or tarte au citron (lemon tart), and that I loathe store-bought cookies again, or can my post on the last post be sufficient. :)
Emma said…
I totally forgot to comment when I read that! I meant to come back,but obviously got distracted. I do that way too much! Please count me in for the drawing!
PowersThatBe said…
Ooohh, a chance to win something cooked by you is definitely worth it. Current favorite baked good is a lava cake that a friend recently gave me the recipe for. Yum! Worst baked good ... anything my MIL makes. The one time she made something normal, chicken noodle soup, she yelled at me because I tried to dish it into my bowl. "The bowl is for the salad!!" she screamed. Yup. The Chicken noodle soup was to be ladled over bread put on the plate. Yuck!
Jenny said…
Me me me!
Kristeee said…
My favorite baked good would definitely be a fresh marzipan croissant. Just thinking about one makes my mouth water. I don't know that I have a least favorite, unless rye bread counts. Yuck!
Courtney said…
Sorry to be totally boring, but my favorite baked good is a chewy chocolate chip cookie. I think this is a pregnancy development. I mean I've always liked cookies, but lately, I've been a little obsessed.
My least favorite would have to be lemon bars. I hate any dessert that is lemon flavored. In fact, I hate all warm or cooked fruit. It just seems unnatural. I'll admit, there's a chance I have never actually eaten a lemon bar, but the thought disgusts me.
tracy m said…
And now I feel REALLY bad, because mhuff's bag is sitting right here... it's done, but I can't seem to get to the post office.
Sadly I like most baked goods. My favorite ones tend to involve fresh fruit as in a cheese cake with strawberries on top. Yum!
JB said…
Oh man! I only just read this one. Bummer.

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