Like rain on your wedding day

For about a month now I've been looking forward to Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's ice cream. There's a store in the mall near my house, and I tried to go last year but the kids were sick and I didn't remember until the evening and the line was too long. So this year I had it marked on my calendar and have been looking forward to walking over early enough in the day to beat the lines. Well, the other day I walked through the mall and realized that there is no longer a Ben and Jerry's there. They are turning it into a frozen yogurt shop. So sad. There's not another store in Seattle that's participating in the promotion either. Maybe some day I'll get free ice cream from Ben and Jerry's.

Then a friend of mine posted about the fact that tomorrow is a promotion at Baskin Robbins. There actually is a store near our house--I know this because we just went last night to use my birthday coupon. We chose Monday night because my family has a tradition of going out to Baskin Robbins for Family Home Evening. I'm just laughing that we spent five dollars on ice cream last night when we could have waited until tomorrow. How ironic.


Kristeee said…
That's too bad about Ben & Jerry's. Didn't they know that you needed a free cone? Rude.

But thanks for the heads-up on Baskin Robbins! And I say that you should go get ice cream again anyways. I mean, 31 cents!
Vanessa Swenson said…
Bummer about B&J's. But ice cream 2 days in a row, not a bad idea.
In Londrina (on my mission) there was this corner ice cream thingie by the bus station called "Benin Jérris"
I always forgot to get a picture. The thing was so funny.
And that is good irony. The song cited in the title doesn't actually wax poetic about a single thing that is truly ironic. More like a series of bumbers.

There is a Ben and Jerry's just a couple of miles from me. I wish I'd known about free cone day. They have a coconut almond thing that pretty much makes me weak all over.
I was so mad when I found out that neither of the Seattle locations were going to give out the free cones. I'm going to try the Baskin Robbin's tonight but I'm worried that there will be mile long lines. Maybe it is worth paying the 5 bucks to avoid the cheap ice cream madness.

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