A Bad Habit

I had planned on meeting a friend for lunch today and then going to the Provo Temple for a session. Then this morning I suddenly had a sinking feeling. And I just checked my wallet: no temple recommend. I often take it out of my wallet and stick it in my temple bag for easier access. And I always forget to take it back out. And of course I don't have my temple bag since I didn't want to take up space in the car. The most annoying thing is that I've done this more than once before. Grrr.


Kengo Biddles said…
If you memorize the bar-code number they can still look you up and let you in...not that it helps this time, but maybe, for the future?
Emma said…
I haven't done that yet, although I switch it back and forth too. My mother forgot to bring hers when my sister got married. She had to call her bishop and stake president to let her into the temple!!!
Kristeee said…
They can look up the membership records at the distribution center; why can't they do that at the temple? Hmm, maybe it's because you don't have to be in good standing to be able to buy garments... it's an idea, though.

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