Keep on the Sunny Side

So the kids are finally sleeping better, and we are too. We figured out that they need cool rooms to sleep in and that they need to sleep apart, at least until Little Dude gets over his climbing out of bed fetish. Yesterday we put some doorknob covers on the inside of his room and on his closet, so now he can't escape or play. It still took him a while to fall asleep last night (and he's reverted to needing a parent to help him fall asleep), but he stayed in bed and slept all night. So did I. It was fabulous.

My day has also been fabulous because we met up with the McCullochs in the park today, and Jenny is such an awesome friend that she made me chocolate croissants. I feel so special! They were fabulous, and S-Boogie was so happy to have a friend to play with. We're going to get together again next Monday.

Speaking of getting together, I think that some time during the next two weeks I want to have a picnic with my Utah friends and blog readers. I'm kind of thinking Kiwanis Park in Provo, just because it makes me feel all nostalgic (we got engaged there). I'll bring some of my addicting bean dip and chips and maybe some drinks or something. If anyone brings mint brownies from BYU I will love you forever. Is there a day that a picnic works better for everyone, or should I just pick a day?


Lindsay said…
Wish I was in Utah so I could come! Have fun!
Kengo Biddles said…
Our schedule's wide-open...when were you thinking of doing it (if you want us to come :) )
Edgy said…
Tuesday and Wednesday evening next week appear to be the only times I'm not available. Weekends are difficult for Dec.
jeri said…
Mmmm, it's been about a year since I had any of Jenny's chocolate croissants but that sounds so good. You must be special!
We just got back from Utah, or I might come. No recipe here for mint brownies, however.

I'm glad the sleeping is better: that, to me, is the key to a happy household.
Emma said…
Hey we will be in Provo maybe next weekend. Friday and Saturday. if you plan something let me know!
Kristeee said…
Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are generally bad for us. Otherwise we're wide open and you could meet little Katelyn!

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