Perfect Day

Science Teacher Mommy recently blogged about a "perfect day" they had, and it made me jealous of all their vacation fun. Don't worry, though, the jealousy didn't last too long since we're still on vacation and still having a lot of fun with our family and friends.

I don't know if yesterday and today were totally "perfect days", especially since we didn't go anywhere spectacular, but they sure were nice. Last night we went camping with Mr. Fob's brother and his wife and baby, and Mr. Fob's sister and her daughter and neighbor (does that make sense?). We've never taken our kids camping and don't own any equipment, but my brother-in-law is a master camper and took charge of selecting a site, cooking, and building the fire. Thanks a lot! S-Boogie thought her first camping trip was fabulous, and it actually went really well. We got up there around dinner time, spent some time getting things set up and eating, went for a short hike to watch the sun set behind the mountains, came back and put on warm jammies, built a big fire, put Little Dude to bed (he was very tired and dangerous around the fire), ate smores, put the other kids to bed, and played cards until midnight. Then I actually went to bed and slept until 7:30 this morning. The kids (except my baby niece) all slept peacefully all night. It was great. Then we ate breakfast, packed up our stuff, and came home. Just a quick little camping trip, but it was fun and now we're feeling inspired to get some stuff and try some camping in California.

Then this afternoon we had the kids both nap after lunch. They were exhausted from a busy week and both crashed. It was so nice to have a little break. After they woke up we headed over to the swimming pool with Mr. Fob's sister (and her daughter and their neighbor). I was worried when we first got there that the afternoon would be a bust, since Little Dude didn't even want to get in the water. Thankfully we coaxed him into the pool and he turned out to love it. Then we found out that kids could go on the waterslide with an adult, and Little Dude was in heaven. We thought he'd be scared, but every time he came down the slide he'd immediately start asking for "more pay-groun!" (more playground=more slide). We all got tired of taking him up the big stairs and down the slide. S-Boogie had a great time on the slide too, and we started teaching her how to jump off the side of the pool. She needs to take some swimming lessons.

After our great time at the pool we came home, had baths, ate some macaroni and cheese, and then put the kids to bed on time (for the first time in a week). I'm feeling pretty worn out, but we've had some fun days in a row so it's nice to be exhausted because of having fun for once.

Oh, and our Pioneer Day dinner was made even better by making
these brownies for dessert. You should try them, they were super delicious!


It sounds so nice. I love to camp. I can hardly wait until our baby is old enough to handle it, we'll probably get away a couple of Friday nights a month when we can all go together.
Becca said…
I'm glad your camping trip went well. :)
Tina said…
Sounds perfect to me. I love to camp! Glad you guys enjoyed it too.
Earth Sign Mama said…
I knew that if you were with Brother that all would be well---he's a pro. Camping is so nice because you're out there in the woods where everything smells woodsy. I never camped as a child, but I spent lots and lots of time outdoors and in the woods. Nice place--outdoors. I'm glad it was so successful. (Maybe we need to install a pool slide??)

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