The Home Stretch

After four weeks of visiting we finally left Utah yesterday afternoon. It was nice to visit all of our family members and friends who live there, but I think we'd all agree that a month is a pretty long time to visit. As much as we like everyone, Mr. Fob and I are anxious to get back into a home of our own. It really was a great visit, and as we drove away with our car packed full of hand-me-downs for S-Boogie and Little Dude as well as birthday presents for them, we felt grateful for the generosity of our family members. Thanks everyone for letting us visit.

Now we're in Las Vegas for a few more days of fun. Yesterday we spent two hours in the pool with the kids, and then we had a delicious dinner and dessert. True to form the kids refused to go to sleep in yet another new place. Things were also complicated because Little Dude wanted to sleep in a bed (not his crib) and kept crawling in with his sister in her bed. Then this morning the kids got up at 6:30 thanks to the time change and the desert sunshine. Hopefully we'll survive a few more days of sleep deprivation and suitcase living before we go completely notes.

Oh, and I think that divine inspiration led me to call the church this morning. I decided to call looking for contact information for the Elder's Quorum president, and he happened to be in the office right at that moment. We'll have some moving help on Friday afternoon. He even said that they are used to people with lots of books because it's a student ward. Now all we need to do is buy a new bed and our lives will be back to normal again.


kto1s said…
That IS a long time to be in limbo! Hope that the rest of the move goes smoothly & that you'll survive the next little bit until then! Sad that I didn't get to really catch up with you at the reunion...
Kristeee said…
It'll be so nice to get settled into your new place and get a regular routine and life back! Good luck moving in!

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