Hopefully this post will increase my Google hits

Cicada's post about the squeamish ultrasound tech reminded me of the fact that Little Dude's new favorite word is "penis". He pretty much only talks about it when his diaper is off, but since I have a juvenile sense of humor I still find it hilarious. A few examples:

Last month when we were at my family reunion I had to change a very dirty diaper. I took Little Dude into the small bathroom right next to the room where a solemn gathering was taking place in honor of my grandmother. He realized that his voice echoed in the bathroom and suddenly started yelling "penis" as loud as he could. I was laughing so hard I couldn't even breathe, let alone stop him. Thankfully no one could hear us in the next room.

Another favorite phrase of Little Dude's is "big, heavy"--said in a very strained voice like he's picking up something enormous. He'll sit in the bathtub and say "big, heavy penis" over and over again.

When we were moving Mr. Fob found my old magnet of Michelangelo's David and stuck it on the fridge. It's the kind that has magnetic clothes, and now Little Dude likes to stand there and take David's pants off while giggling "penis!".


Kristeee said…
Oh, that's so funny! Blue Eyes and I are both currently giggling at your stories. The positive self-talk in the bathroom will make for good teasing later in life. :)
Kailey said…
This is all just toooooo funny. He is definitely a little dude.
Earth Sign Mama said…
I'm dying of laughter...too hilarious!!!
Jenny said…
Ok we have this same problem at our house. Only Ethan will point out people in public who he thinks has a penis. He'll also say, my penis is full or my penis is empty, based on whether or not he needs to pee. It drives us crazy. I am so tired of hearing the word penis.
Kengo Biddles said…
Thank you for the LOL moment of my day. Ginta doesn't know that word yet--and Marko; well, he just likes to grab it if his diaper's off.

Someday, maybe, if I'm like you, I'll enjoy these ..erm.. moments.
My favorite is the odd ocassion when my kids use this anatomically correct word at church and some little old sister looks like she is going to pass right out. We've had to tell the boys that words for private parts are best used in the bathroom. Results are mixed.
Earth Sign Mama said…
Many years ago, one of my sons, age two & a half, walked around polling the patients in the waiting room of the Navy Hospital Ortho clinic. Most of them were 19-21 year old sailors with broken limbs due to drunken motorcycle wrecks. The question: I have a penis, do you? Wow. The reaction varied from uncomfortable laughter to ringing affirmation--Yeah dude! Cool huh? The "perils" of teaching correct terms.
Courtney said…
Oh wow. I love this post.
JB said…
I'm sure it will also increase your Google hits, and it sure made me laugh!

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