Someone buy me some cheese to go with this whine

Apparently some sort of cosmic force heard last week's rant about church, because I was completely struck down on Saturday night. I went to bed feeling a little sore, but I thought it was just the bike riding we had done. After a fitful night of sweating and bad dreams I woke up feeling dizzy, achy, and delirious. Then I took my temperature: 102.8. Nice. I spent most of Sunday alternating between reading, sleeping, and sweating. I can't believe how exhausted I felt. Monday morning my temperature was back up, but thankfully by the evening it dropped. Unfortunately my throat is still sore and my glands in my neck feel like painful golf balls. All I want to do is lie around and eat ice cream, but my kids won't let me get away with it.

But at least I'm getting better and tomorrow S-Boogie starts kindergarten (yay!). The only bad news is that we're having a "mini heat wave" and the high temperature tomorrow is supposed to be 105 (boo!). Maybe next week will be better?


Desmama said…
Aw, I'm sorry you're not feeling well. That's no good. I hope things start looking up. When does school start for you?
Kailey said…
I'll be praying that you feel better. Nothing worse than a sick mom... except maybe a sick mom with sick kids. But we'll hope that isn't your next post. Feel better soon...
Kristeee said…
That's no fun, I'm sorry. In my Camelot world summer colds and viruses just wouldn't exist. When it's cold and snowy outside, it's easier for me to accept. And 105 is just mean. Blech. I hope you feel all the way better soon, and that your family doesn't get it too.

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